K Yun and his rush down

It hit me just now, i don’t see many people useing yun. I see yun as a great character, mainly in k cause of the rush down i have seen done by a few yun players in k.

Most people that i play don’t give yun a chance cause he dosent have a fire ball or anything but the way i see it he really dosent need one in k. Like when i play i rush in and then i jd the frist attack thats tossed out at me then i quickly go to his chain combo of lp lp lk mp and qcf mp. or some times i rush in and go stright to a c fk …in any case was just looking to see if there was any other k yun players out there and how they play em??

well asside from his usual super setups (after lp lk mp, or mk superjump, or fp), playing with yun in K dosen’t give him the advantage. sure the supers do more damage, but the lack of RC makes him weaker than in other grooves

since all his moves are so easy to RC, and are all abusable, might as well play with him in a rolling groove. gives him way more mobility than running and small jump. more mind games too

I’m only good with P-groove yun. I don’t know if he even has an effective AA so I just try to parry jump-ins. Also, I can’t combo into his supers so I just super-cancel into them. He has soooo many easy set ups for his super cancels mainly because of his mid-air super.

hmm p huh…can’t use p … witch is sad to cause its a pretty good grove…guess i just been useing k for too long…i plan to use p sooner or later. As far as yun goes …i dont know i guess i just find it so use ful to be able to run up on someone and started tossing out attacks. That and i had been getting good at doing a rush jd attack type thing…for the most part it works

I hate p-groove maybe beccause i have been playing k to long but k is just as good or even better then p

p is a bad idea that way yun loses eveything rc and good damage, as well as mobility… k is a solid choce so is a and n

unfortunatly true. I really like using Yun. I just try to parry everything and go for easy setups. I, for some odd reason, find that parrying supers is more fun and easy to do than JDing it, but for most normal people, JDing supers is way easier.

I play the home version which has no RCs. Mobility? Yun’s dash has got to one of the best in the game. I really can’t do anythig against a low jump Sagat/Blanka when I’m Yun other than parry.

As for parrying supers: I thinks it’s a low easier to parry an entire super than it is to JD an entire super. With parrying you just have to get the first parry in and the rest are ususally systimatic presses. Whereas when it comes to JD it’s a lot easier and safer to get the first JD in but it usually gets progressivly harder. I’m sure that the majority of people would find parrying a super fireball a lot easier than JDing it. I now parry every single super fireball just because it looks good and usually my opponent walks up to me and hits me :frowning:

I find p yun to be the best with me, what i usually do is that i use parry at certain times to make to opponent afraid of attack you then you go for the rush down when there not expecting it.

hey everyone.Ok i am A yun Player, and i think he’s One of the good Player in here.
i wanna comment Bout some stuff, Yun is So so friendly, and Lot of his Stuff are Deadly as hell(If they are Used Right).
He’s a good fighter Agianst Projectiles players, and Also anti air (If anyone want me to Prove it, them Please tell me and I’ll post exact thoeries,tactics and strategies bout these two Stuff).

I think all of his stuff are easy, but that as for me…i spent my life playin with Yun Only :smiley:

I’ll soon release and upload a vid bout yun >> Deadly combos, Strategies and tactics, and weird stuff.

Now i wanna ask some people, Do anybody knew These simple stuff(Please explination later cause am in kinda hurry):

-A hard rush and guarenteed >> jump and then f/d+sk, d+wk, wp,wk,mp, qcf+sp
-Do ya know that you can Connect hcb+punch Move after Opponent gettin Juggled?
-f,d,f/d+sp, qcbx2+sp (all 3 hits hit opponent!), anyone Know that?
-Bugs from behind, wp,wk,mp, inputting qcf+sp to excute a Hcb+sp?? any idea guys…
-Guarenteed Rushs done in corner, if opponent Blocked while Crouching then guarenteed hcb+sk, if Opponent standing Guard then a guarenteed deadly combo…any idea’s bout these guys??

If anyone wanna know anything,Then please tell me and i’ll tell ya everything for sure.
In my oppinoin i think Yun C-Groove is the best for Him, and After it should be either P or K groove.

also, all of the mentioned stuff ya said guys are so easy ^_^.

thanks, and if anyone want some Combos, then i have a lot :china:
Thanks agian guys, and see ya guys :china:.

This is I want to see can you teach me how to play yun in A-groove PLS!!!

actually yun is pretty decent in P-groove provided that you know your enemy. his turtling is quite effective and you can parry stuff all day. but again its only if you know your enemy

heh yun in a?

pretty easy… just get his cc down, and then practice the activate command grab timing… there. all set. :clap:

Hey everyone…Well i discovered some New stuf for Yun,that’s why i am postin.
also i wanna tell ya that i’ll release a combo Vid for yun on www.ullysis.com in the download section.

The vid will contians:
-Lot of New combos
-Lot of weird stuff >> Contians Simple combos, Bugs,Tact and strategies.
-Combos are Mainly by c-Groove,P-Groove,and N-Groove (70% c-Grooce, 20% for the others)

I’ve also Discovered some Of yun’s qcf+wk escape Properties, where ya shall see it in the Vid.Steel Rian rolento starter Combo…and more

Please Be waiting for my Vid and these stuff :china: …I’ll be honoured if you visited us on our site www.ullysis.com

Here are some simple stuff i discovered:

-How to Preform a quick qcf+wp x2 after preforming in air qcbx2+sk and before opponent recover
-Yun’s Biggest Glitch ever, were the Screen Pauses up and the Cd doesnt run anymore
-f,d,f/d+sp(Counter hit) to qcb+sp!!
-Jump Punch to guarenteed hcb+sk (Special on Bigs only)
-Hit re unite >> jump in place f/d+sk, d+wk,wp,wk,mp,qcf+sp
-d+mk Links

and more

Hey dude…well i really dont think that Yun a-Groove is good :slight_smile:
why ya say? here are the reasons:

-Yun is mainly a mind setup gamer and combo, all of these are Mainly Based on Pokes and rushes which deals Few damage
c-Groove gave yun a huge amount to deal a great damage just cause of the Combo Cancel.
-In a-groove, so you will use Yun with a max Damage…On a-Groove yun can Hardly Deal Damages to opponent specially the supers are Useless in a-Groove

So i recommend C-Grooce Yun and then Followed By eiher any of those(n,K, or P Grooves).

euhm, no better mind game than an a-groove yun with full meter. any type of knockdown, walk up (cross up hop, whatever) activate through wake up (or just tick them) into command grab. start custom from there… seriously anything he’s got is a setup for the custom. sure, c-groove does a bit more damage (and his lvl 3s are pretty sweet) but a-groove is better for mind games

I consider yun to be very good in A-groove, and in my opinion I consider it his best groove in terms of mind games as well. Dive kick, roll cancel
flip grab, custom… Plus He can counter a full on blanka ball (which I have made my own custom for) and a blocked blanka ball with a CC.
Yeah, I know his customs are not very damaging, his highest damaging custom does around 7000 which is actually not that bad.

He has a anti-air custom, early s.mk, into activate, fp.palm, shoulder thrust, into whatever turns u on. (he can also activate, then s.mk for the anti air as a alternative to the cc)

U can even early s.mk for the anti air, then super jump straight up lk. dive kick (whiffs), st.mk into the CC as well.

In my opinion though I only think he’s good as a battery in A-groove.

Hey guys ^_^…well it’s your oppinoin ya know,tell now i really dont like the A-groove due to a lot of reason so i prefer C-Grove.

anyways,i shall Release a vid real soon for Yun,contians lot of stuff (mainly C-groove and then 1 combo by N-groove and one By K-Groove),so i would like ya guys to gt it as soon as i release it :china:…maybe ya can change yar mind bouta c-groove :slight_smile:

it shall be released on this site, www.ullysis.com
in the download section

thanks,see ya soon everyone

Well thats cool, no ones bad mouthing u, so im sorry if you felt like you were bombarded by us, I really didnt have that intention so I apologize if u got the wrong idea. Honestly I dont like the fact that Yuns a-groove is low damaging as well.

Ive seen this one big ass combo by yun in c-groove in a sai-rec
video though, I was like what in the holy fuck? :wtf:

On another note I’ll be sure and check out the video once its done. Until then fight on fellow Yun user. :karate:

Hey dude, no problem at all ^^…you just did nothing guys ^^

anyways,the vid is goin to be like…hmmmm,anything else except A-Groove, i just wanted to tell people that C-groove yun and some other grooves are capable of preforming huge and great stuff(which in my thoughs,are better than a-Groove)
Today i finished copyrighting my stuff(the transcript),so i may start capturing either tommorow or next week(maybe friday or saturday).
The vid contian:
-6 Special combos for C-Groove
-4 Nuetral Combos
-2 N-groove combos
-2 S-Groove killer combos
-1 Bug
and may contian some extra Tricks and small Tactics.

i was even trying to get out with a good name for the vid,If you can help that it will be cool ya know :slight_smile:
i though of naming it, Yun combo Vid - Anti A-Groove :D…no miss understanding please lool

Hope to see ya agian, thanks