K-Yamazaki Moves

Anyone know any Yamazaki moves, and good combos to use? High Priotirty moves? and his anti-air moves? Post them here so I can get a head start practicing for upcoming fighting tournaments

Well, from what I know and seen I’ll say his best combos are:

  • 2 cr./st. lp, cr. lkxxhk sand kick~mp/hp serpent slash
  • j. hp, st. hpxxhp knife slash
  • st. hpxxhk sand kick~mp/hp serpent slash

Note: Those combos also does good guard crush damage.

You can do a Guillotine from the following:

  • Sadomaso counter
  • hp Bai Gaeshi reflector

Note: In order to do those combos you must be no further than mid-screen.

You can tick st./cr. lk into the command throw and tick st. lp, st. hk into the Yondan Drill super.

His st. mp is a very good anti-air, especially when done spontaneous. Also, his lp and mp serpent slashes are good for habitual jumpers and j. mk/j. hp can be used well against other normal air attacks. That’s what I know so far.