K-Kyo vs Honda

My K-Kyo has a lot of trouble against Honda. I just can’t seem to get close. That guy do great rc headbutt and thousand hand slap… so he can keep poking/sweeping me and I can’t jump in or anything because of that stupid head move.

Can someone give me some tip?

headbutts are stopped by jumpgin straight up and hitting him in the headbutt animation…

btw just jd that shit… for all i know u wont get pushed back either… =/

this is really interesting … because u wanna sit back and JD but HONDA’s whole entire game plan is to sit back there lol
i’ve never seen a rush down honda ever

doesnt kyo’s st rh work thats like the best poke in the game?? dood lol

how about his kicks where u down rh and he slides across the screen ??

or his high priority jump SHORT ?? cant u cross him up with that or get him at wierd angles ?

dude plz point out plz where i said u have to sit… i never said that… a good kyo never sits and waits… and i presume he has a good kyo? so what i meant was just run, bait that headbutt and jd… TADA…

pfsh gibving me a bad name huh :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Small jump :smiley:

Why not JD? it’s easy to jd s.hp and headbutt, practice it in training.

lol no not at all, just wondering because i know honda sets up camp and camps out the whole entire round… yeah bait-- jD headbunt thats a great idea bro.
hopefully the honda player is smart and changes up the timing so it messes up your JD heheh

just curious, to the guy having honda issues does honda beat out all your pokes?? kyo’s pokes are unreal and his easy links are out of this world too

kyo really get owned by like honda st rh??? tha fierce??? what about when he jumps in on you with a move u JD… does he beat out your immediate JD/mash on fierce/rh ??

Thats a hard fight for Kyos, especially if the can RC the headbutt. If you can’t JD the attacks, you lose.

I rushdown with Honda. I usually turtle after I push them you the corner with crouching strongs, forward+roundhouses, and standing fierces for antiair. And I command grab EVERY chance I get.

It’s not hard to se coming though. And the lp head butt, you can hear him do it. The only counter to this is slappy slaps.

It’s hard to fight Honda, P-Kyo has the easiest time. From full screen you can sweep Honda’s head butt, from closer JD it cause it’s probably still invincible. You can’t really low jump on an rc Honda either, it’s best to try to bait his headbutt and JD, from jumping in, whiffing c.mp, etc. Overall, a smart Honda player has a big advantage. Honda RC Honda is probably Kyo’s 3rd wort fight, next to Hibiki and Vega.

JD his shiznit till you get super then get mid screen and do the wave super, itll beat his rc because lv3’s invince last longer than RC’s.

Headbutt is easy to deal with- if you JD it you get a free low fierce into rekkas(unfortunately you are too far away to do low fierce into upkicks), free low short into short upkicks into super, or if you have it, you can just JD and do the qcfx2 punch super for free also. It’s not hard at all to JD the majority of the headbutts that the average Honda player throws at you.

Hands are harder to deal with, your most reliable counter if you know they will hands you is to jump straight up. Kyo’s jump straight up RH(which by the way is an extremely sturdy ass move) into a combo will counter the hands every time. Actually Kyo’s jump up RH crosses up-if their hands move them under you when you jump up and they are on the other side, the jump up rh will cross them up and then you can get a really beefy combo(I wish that the jump up RH was used as his jumpin move also instead of the RH he has-he’d be 10 times better. That move is sturdy). If they like to do it at point blank(like when you get up) you can throw them(if they do it late) or dp/super them(if they do it early) just like blanka’s electricity. And if all else fails at least try to JD a few hits of it and get the meter, and remember, he’s just hitting you with hands. Most Honda’s arent going to do much damage with them, so don’t panic. If the Honda knows about the link combos off of strong hands then you will have a harder time but in general most hondas are just hitting you with about 1400-1500 damage with each hit of the hands. You should be doing about 4500 with each hit you land and your hits are a lot tricker to block than his are. All Kyo needs is one hit and he wins this match-land one of your huge BnB combos and get a lead, and Honda has to come after you. You obviously have the advantage in this kind of match. Don’t fall for the desperation 720, if he has a full meter keep an eye out for wakeup, roll, dash, stand short etc. into 720 super. Dash 720 is actually particularly surprising at times if the opponent is good enough to do it, since short bursts of offense from Honda are usually unexpected and at that range you are often watching for stuff like a headbutt to JD or whatnot and not expecting it.

I really don’t think this is that hard of a matchup for Kyo, as long as you make the most of the mixup opportunities you get and don’t gimp out on your bnb combos and mixups. Honda is far from uncounterable now that all his tricks are exposed and I really don’t see him as being all that abusable anymore…