K-Groove Tactics

Does anyone know any videos/tutorials/faqs that show advanced stuff to learn about K-Groove ?

I’ve seen buk’s Ghetto tutorials and the “K-Rock Tactics” video already.

I need some tips on K-Groove since I main in that groove…
I’ll try remember some tips off the top my head:

  • do a fake jump in and JD a predicted SRK
  • knock p2 down, rush towards p2, expect wakeup SRK and JD it
  • JD multiple hit guard strings
  • when p2 is jumping in with a hit, you can JD and throw in response
    (but this doesnt always work, because p2 can expect the throw and try to throw cancel)
  • JD guard strings and use a super

I know a lot more but I can’t remember very sharply right now…
any more tips are definitely welcome :wink:

Even though I don’t do these things when I know I should:

Just Defend: you covered most JD tactics, but I wanted to throw in
-Many special moves are a lot safer because you can JD 1 frame earlier than you can block
-JD uppercut works well at certain distances

Run: there are many things that run offers for K groove, and you didn’t even mention it your post!
-‘Extend’ your range on your pokes by doing a running poke. Works well with c.mk into super
-It’s also easier to extend guard strings by running in-between pokes
-Careful though, you can’t JD while running (If i remember correctly)

Small Jump: The other half of K groove’s RTSD threats
-If the opponent is playing defensively, this really helps with high-low mix-up. Fake a small jump and they’ll usually block high for a split second.
-Small jump works well when you expect any predictable low attacks/fireballs
-Also gives you the option to extend guard strings

Quick Recovery:
-Do it when you fall far away from the other guy, before he can position himself for his wake-up game
-Always nice to have, just don’t use it too often, or else they’ll lay the hurt on you

You’re correct that you can’t JD while running, because you can’t block while running.

wake up super

I usually anti air.

Personally, sometimes running up and doing a couple of strong pokes to lower their guard a bit(but not break) or even just not doing anything can really mess with them. They would think differently and panic making more mistakes or desperate maneuvers that i can usually block/JD/punish. If nothing else they waste their A Groove meter in an attempt to get me off of them or to run my Rage down.

About the only thing I know about k-groove is the JD option select. As I understand it, tap d/b before you poke at mid-range to give yourself the benefit of the option select: if the opponent mashes a poke, you’ll either block it, jd them and hit them back, or you’ll stick out your poke if they do nothing. Up close, you can do the same except with jabs/shorts, which you can use to connect a super.

Here’s some stuff I cribbed from another post here on srk from whenever:

Practical ways to use JD:
-Tap db right before you do any move, tap db right after the move recovers.
-You can also walk at them, tap db, walk forward a little more, tap db, etc (basic footsies).
-If they’re doing block strings that have gaps in them, you can block the beginning of the block string, then JD after the gap.
-Tapping db is usually the way to go. Moves that must be blocked high are usually slow enough that you can react to them and JD high.

Hey Lionx what do you do when someone hits you from and air strike, and you do a standing JD, and try to throw, but they throw cancel you?

You mean you JD a jump-in and they try to throw you? If they do it every single time, you can tech the throw, uppercut them, or super them. If anything if they try to tech the throw more often, the better the odds for me landing that ‘random’ super/uppercut.

Also try doing tap back while pressing fierce a second later. You can either JD, mess up and block, they don’t do anything and you fierce them, or tech a throw/throw them.

Hey I’m gonna bump this 2 year old thread;

But I got a question. Sometimes when my opponent does a regular jump in with a j.rh / j.fierce, my natural intention is the JD the aerial attack. usually, I wanna throw them right afterward. but sometimes I cant throw them. I get stuffed with c.lk’s or c.lp’s. what’s the dealio? is it because I am timing my OS throws incorrectly? or perhaps maybe it’s better to block

also, I seem to be having trouble with people who do fake jump ins and would throw me because I misread a j.rh / j.fierce. what can I do besides counter throwing into throw cancel?

is JDing then doing a DP a safe alternate strat besides throws?

lastly, crossups. sometimes if I am JD trigger happy I will get stuck in a vortex by my opponent using Ken or Geese, who happen to just jump back and forth with j.mk crossup and follow up with c.lp / c.lk pressure. it drives me nuts cause I JD the crossup j.mk but when I try to throw or somethin I get hit by the jabs or short kicks

I think it depends on how deep they did the jump-in. If its deep, and you JD late, you are considered in block stun still. JDing only reduces blockstun, not eliminate it like Parry.

If you can Anti-Air them, you should always take that route over JDing the move imo. Exceptions are of course obvious anti-airs that get JD/Parried for free, you gotta be creative. The reason i say this is because if you JD all the time, they can get in every single time, theres no spacing on your part and they are exactly where they wanna be by jumping in.

Uppercutting is never safe (even though i love doing it lol!), it really depends on the person you are fighting. If they tend to go for that tech everytime, uppercut them. Otherwise it can be baited…its not that safe honestly. It has to be a calculated risk depending on the opponent if you decide to go for this option.

Your last example is probably them hitting the Crossup late so you are still in blockstun, block low or JD low instead. Use your standing Anti Airs like Mai’s mk, or something. I think you are just too JD happy, theres a time and place for both JDing and Anti-Airing.

if you were using an SNK character, what would you do against Vega(claw), that guy annoys the shit out of me. he jumps all over the place, has PERFECT recovery, and can keep attacking and attacking. the SNK characters have like NO footsies whatsoever. I always die against my brother’s Vega

also, I’m having trouble getting in on people like Yamazaki. he can just sit back and throw those slash moves, and then if I get close, he can just roll and try to throw me. I never tech throw (though I should), but I always get thrown because I miss a fierce or roundhouse normal trying to play some footsies.

I dunno dude, I feel like C and A groove are pretty broken. I cant win against top tier characters like sagat, blanka, and especially vega

keep spamming short jump roundhouse

Don’t think like this dude! If other people can win against those characters, they aren’t “broken” or whatever. You just need to adjust your gameplan and get better.

Have you looked at the cvs2 wiki on srk and the character forums here? They should give you some useful information about matchups. I’d also try and watch youtube videos, with specific attention on your characters vs the characters you’re having trouble with.

Yeah seriously. I was throwing a sob fest yesterday. I just gotta keep playing and learning. Small jump roundhouse? I’ll give it a shot. It’s kinda hard to small jump with a pad, I just need train a bit more with that.

yolo super