Justin Wong's Karin Has Improved - Grand Finals [Toryuken V]

We all know Justin Wong to be an extremely good player. Amazing footsies, game sense, spacing, etc.
Unfortunately, he has gained a lot of criticism from Karin players all around for not optimizing his Karin the past few tournaments. In the most recent Capcom Pro Tour (Toryuken V) from May 20-22, 2016, Justin Wong has preformed extremely well. Here is a look at the new found Justin Wong with Karin!


2/10, nice try tho!

Speaking of the topic at hand, Dat Jump Back ((‘FIERCE’)), at 2:12, was truly pulchritudinous.

Justin’s combos and confirms are better, yet they could still use more optimization. However it seems to me whatever execution ceiling he’s trying to hit might fall on mostly diminishing returns, since he’s already better than anyone at controlling space with Karin… sorry I’ve lost the train of thought, must be too inebriated… I’ll try to return to this match; some great stuff.