Justin Wong's Adon

So I was watching Excellent Adventures w/ The people’s champ Mike Ross and Gootecks, and Justin wong was a guest. He ran with Adon and first off… they ragged on the true King as being “easy” and doing “too much damage”. Then Justin played with him and looked pretty good. Gootecks mentioned no one using him, etc. So here are my questions to you guys:

  1. is Adon really the mindless easy character???
    if so, I’m REALLY screwed because I still haven’t learned all his execution and IAJK’s are soooooooooo hard to me!
  2. does he do too much damage?
    I just don’t see this. seems like I can’t get ENOUGH damage without the aid of FADC U2 (which I can’t hit 99.9% of the time anyway lol)
  3. does Gamerbee just not get any love for a reason?
    this really pains me… this kinda goes back to the thread that someone started (“who will be our champion now”), but I did see Gamerbee and (I think) Infiltration demo SF5, so maybe the good fellow Gamerbee is not done quite yet. We really need a personality that is an active streamer and just kinda out there in the community to represent for the KING.

anywho… comments… thoughts please…

The scrubs complain about Adon, I don’t think he’s mindless. You can play him like that at the lowest levels and get away with it to a point, but once you know how to deal with JKs and JTs, they’re easy to blow up.

His IAJK input is one of the hardest single input motions to do in the game if not the hardest. It takes a lot of practise and even GamerBee still messes it up from time to time.

I don’t think he does too much damage. It’s probably about middle of the road now, average maybe. Though I wish he did more of course, the nerf on the chip damage from Jaguar Kicks was a blow :(.

No love? Hmm… I’m not sure who you might be comparing him too, but I think he’s a popular and well-liked player. He might not be the number one guy because of his main, not many people really play Adon. And quite a number actually hate him (Adon) - very annoying to deal with as well as his cackle I’m told/read.

GamerBee is the only active Adon streamer that I know of. Though his activity has dropped off a lot after Capcom Cup. Now it’s sporadic, but I’m hoping it might pick up again come tournaments he is eyeing to go to.

The only other Adon that gets out there a bit on the streams is HydeBUFFY and that’s on Poongko’s stream when they head-to-head.

Oh and after reading some of the comments on that vid, two of the things Adon suffers from the most is predictability and limited move set. This can kill your game so fast.

Apart from the things that have already been said (easy to start learning as a char, predictable gameplay), I think it is important to keep in mind that even top players aren’t exempt from bias. Their experience and opinions mostly come from a place where things like execution don’t factor in anymore, where you play the player rather than the MU to like 90% (not counting situations like early pools in non-invitationals, etc). Thus, saying he’s easy…yeah. Viper is easy too if you have the execution. That said, it’s not like Jwong was IAJK’ing all over the place and playing the character to it’s fullest potential against an equally skilled opponent, so taking any of that too seriously is probably not advised when it’s a top player beating some random online-jabroni.

Likewise, I won’t start taking statements about too much damage in consideration when they come from someone who has recently played Rose, Dudley, Evil Ryu, Yun and T.Hawk. Adon’s damage is average (it’s not like this is even a matter of discussion, the numbers are all publicly available), not sure what they’re talking about.

Gamerbee gets plenty of love, be it on social media, his stream, or any thread I’ve ever read about him, I think it’s quite unanimously agreed upon that he is an incredibly nice guy who is amazing at the game (especially for his age). Adon just doesn’t have a very big or involved fanbase, just compare character-forums, amounts of youtube-guides, or, indeed, streamers who play him, there aren’t many. Gemabis stream is usually quite well-populated, it’s not a flaw with him, it’s just the small fanbase of the character.

Not really sure what you’re looking for here, positive reinforcement that the character you play is good? Every character is predictable if you are. Gamerbee is still winning.

Nice! Thats really good feedback. Thanks

Justin just has ALOT more understanding of the game than me (yes an understatement. it was more of a “wow… I must be missing something”. I was legitimately wanting to know people’s thoughts on his (and others as well… as both goo and mike agreed w/ him) opinions on the character.

I would tend to agree, but when in the “top player” discussions, I just don’t hear him mentioned. Now if some one brings him up outside these discussions I hear those statements about him being an awesome guy and good player etc.

Again… being that I’m still pretty new to the fgc, I’m really just seeing if I’m missing something that every one else sees.

Yoro (Gamerbee’s ‘apprentice’) still plays Adon along with other characters and occasionally streams on twitch.tv/yoro1027, although you’d be lucky to catch him live very often there’s some nice archives and past broadcasts to view.

Ooh thanks for the Yoro twitch tip!