Justin Wong should not have been on Team USA

Until Justin can remember how to FADC into Ultra, he should not be representing any region in an AE team tournament, and he SURE AS SHIT should not be talking smack to any Japanese pros. You’re confident against Kazunoko, Justin? That’s funny, because I’m confident in the ability of a C rank online scrub to hit combos that you’ve consistently dropped in the last two majors, and Kazunoko is probably the second best AE player on the planet. You’re not even close to his level.

0-2 against Japan is tough to swallow, especially when there was a potentially better US Rufus standing about two feet away watching you drop the soap with the rest of us. The days of you being dominant in the US Street Fighter scene are clearly over, and unless you step your shit up in a big way, you’ll be holding those L’s along with the rest of your fans.

LOL this guy.

So is that going to be your shtick now, every major that has a 5 on 5, you make a thread about how “X” top player shouldn’t have been on “X” team for “X” reason?

PR Rog I was slightly confused about. As somebody who follows the scene and roots heavily for American players against the Japanese, Justin’s placement and performance I’m actually mad about.

Shoulda replaced jwong with Noel Brown :tup:

The only mistake Justin made was taking Floe onto the team. I know they’re BFF’s and such, but dude consistently underperforms while in the spotlight, which is what a international 5v5 is all about.

Justin not being on the team is pure madness, you can’t name 5 better American Street Fighter players.

I just don’t see the point of getting this mad over this.

Whatever, Justin drops combos. So did Mago, so did Infiltration, so did a lot of other players. It’s a gaming competition, not a battle for control of the universe.

No starving Ethiopians died because just botched EX Messiah > LK follow XX FADC XX Ultra.

Ricky Ortiz could’ve easily been on the team, Solder. So could Juicebox. Not saying Justin doesn’t deserve a shaft, but there are still quite a few decent options.

Madness? Ricky O taking Justin’s place is madness? Ricky’s tournament performance is certainly comparable to Justin’s, and I’d rather have him representing my country than a guy who admitted that he doesn’t take AE seriously and that he never practices the game.

Reread my post. I’m not exactly disagreeing. Ricky is consistent and could’ve been on the team, was actually kind of shocked to see him not on the team somewhere. Him over Floe for me.

QFT. If Team USA won, maybe you would still be crying foul, but 99.9% of the population wouldn’t. The only reason why your argument holds any sliver of truth is because of hindsight, nothing else.

It’s hard to dispute Justin’s accomplishments in SF4 and within the general FGC. Not having him in team USA would be akin to not having Mago/Tokido in JPN 1 or Inflitration in KOR – its just silly, period. Even if JWong didn’t put practice recently, he was STILL consistently placing in top 8 for most, if not all the recent majors even after EVO.

God forbid the guy drops combos, sheesh. Almost, if not virtually everyone from after top 4 was dropping combos one point or another. That’s just the way tournaments go, even for the most experienced. Heck, even Kindevu vs. Wolfkrone boiled down to spamming EX Seismo to burn kick in the end – they had to go to a basic day 1 combo because the stakes were THAT high.

And Floe did his job in grand finals as far as I was concerned. Granted, he’s arguably the weakest link and its probably Justin’s fault why he’s on the team. But, Floe did accomplish something no one in team USA, EUR 1 or CAN could. This moment was clutch, and props given to those deserving.

Should Floe have been on the team, maybe not. But would you call Ricky beating out Kazunoko?

I was responding to Solder. Ricky over Floe is an easy move, but there were no character duplicates allowed.

We’re talking about the guy who won SF4 at Devastation, Top 8 at Seasons Beatings in SF4, makes Rufus seem like he has amazing footsies. And he shouldn’t of been on the team?

lol, kids these days.

Justin is the gre-wait, what game is this about again?



nevermind. :coffee:

Ricky also plays a solid Chun. Justin could’ve put work into his Yun/Yang/Makoto or Cammy specifically for this invitational. It’s not like character duplicates should’ve stopped Ricky from being on the team.

They would’ve lost to a Japanese team regardless.

I’d rather him focus on MVC3 any way. Much more interesting to see him pull clutch shit in MVC3 than grind matchups with Rufus in shitty blockstring fighter. The game is so predictable now outside of Poongko and a couple other players. Once UMVC3 hits I really see J.Wong getting salty redemption on all of the Phoenixes and Haggar mashers. LOL.

stop posting this in fgd

According to James Chen, Justin Wong said the reason he was dropping combos was because his stick was set to analogue instead of digital. I don’t buy that. I just think he doesn’t practice this game any more.

What has he done lately? Honest question

Honestly? I don’t see him outside of Evo and West Coast events, but he seems to perform better under pressure than Floe does.

Just my .02 though.