Justin/Amir 3s Chun Showdown

I already talked to Justin hes down and now we are waiting for Amirs confirmation I know a bunch of people wanna see this

So far theres 500$ on justin and nothing on Amir

Watson where you at lol

Hopefully people will get hype about this cuz this sounds like a good fight. It’s just the match can be almost painful depending on the situation. Yet…if people throw down money on this and make it hype they’ll be screaming over every c.MK.

Damn…J is gonna be the hardest working man in Streetfighter come EVO lol

You do realize this post doesnt make sense right?..i hope so

wow that would be boring as fuck

It would be good in a tournament matchup, but a money match for this is retarded.

Fuck yeah, everybody loves watching Chun vs Chun. I CANT WAIT.

yeah and I don’t think amir is that good at Chun Vs Chun :smiley: I think amir is easily the better chun though. :]

we gonna holla at Hsien instead

To awesome players,but


Because of the characters they happen to use,but if these guys want to do it,then why not?

should be intersting. im lookin forward to it if it happens to happen.

what will the format be. FT5

you guys are nuts.

when justin first was getting good at 3s, his showdowns with ricky chun
v chun were sick. ricky vs justin at mwc finals 2005 i think, was some of the
most exciting 3s ive ever seen just because of the quality of play. i mean maybe
its boring for you guys to see perfect footsies, perfectly ranged c.forwards traded
multiple times in succession, etc… i think its dope.

co-sign on ‘boring as fuck’.

Ey! Ey! Ey!

i think everyone would rather see

Ramza’s Makoto vs Sex Taro’s makoto

and PVFP’s alex vs Renic’s Alex


stop splitting top American talent and focus on taking out the jpnese at Evo!!

Derek Daniels

i think this would be dope actually. 2 really good players, and 2 opposite styles.

you make a good point there…but not many japs are comin for 3s…if anything they can be taken out by pyrolee or justin…but hey we should get japan on it and watch Nuki vs Tokido instead…thats even better…or EVEN BETTER than that lets have a 2 on 2 …JAP VS US (CHUN LI MATCH) NUKI & TOKIDO VS AMIR & JUSTIN …now THAT would be something to watch for you chun li lovers but hey its just a suggestion…whos up for it


I liked the original idea, but I like this one even more. It can be pretty cool actually. And, if you don’t like it, just don’t watch it. Go drink milk or something.