Just visited some family in a Mental Asylum

Visiting my mother in hospital is usually boring but today they transfered her to a segregated section with all the other imbalanced ladies. a lot of these broads are in their early 20ies and haven’t seen a guy in a long long time. out of the blue came this cute asian/aussie girl who just walks up to me and is chatting away asking me stupid shit and being all touchy feely. usually I’d be cool with this but it looked like the girl had run a razor blade over her arms in the last few days

I ask her yo, what happened to ur arms? she mumbled something and soon disappears, which left me thinking she’s crazy and drugged up so I shouldn’t have mentioned it

would it be wrong to bang a patient in a mental asylum? I got that vibe today and I could have scored. could I get in trouble for this? I got a dirty look from one of the nurses but I wasn’t told not to

Sounds like it’d be fun, except you’re banging a crazy person. Do it for the stories, but don’t tell her your real name.

So on a tip through Arkham Asylum you think you had a chance to bang Harley Quinn. You’d better watch your step or the Joker’s gonna come after you.

the crazy vag is probably wet as fuck.

You could also catch diseases that spread among patients undetected. They have sex in crazy houses and old people’s houses too…

When I went to visit my dad in a similar situation nothing even close to that cool happened. Some guy walked up to my dad when we were talking and told him “The father” had instructed him to kick his ass, I then got to watch my dad wail on this dude with a chair after the guy sucker punched him. The chair beating went on for a good 45 sec to a min. before the big guys in scrubs broke it up (that’s a lot of chair beating to watch really). I would have much rather had some crazy chick hitting on me to interrupt us lol. Sounds like a missed opportunity to me.

Are you banging her in the mental institution, or after she is released?

I wasn’t sure how to answer this. Against the rules? Highly, good luck not getting caught. Morally objectionable? Shit no, they’re still human beings. If she down to fuck, go get it.

Just answered yes anyway, good luck though. And yeah depending on what she’s in for, it really depends on whether you’re concerned about her mental well being afterwards. But cmon son, this is SRK. GO GET IT.

Yeah, just because she’s mentally unstable (well, depending on the type and severity) doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy a good lay. If she’s good-lookin then I’m rather sure she’s probably got a few miles on her anyhow. Jus’ sayin’. Be careful, though. Mental disorders are nothing to play with. :tup:

preferably in her room at the hospital. All I have to do is avoid being cock blocked by the nurses and other crazies…I dunno if I want to meet her outside of the hospital, i mean she slices her arms up for some stupid reason

every other time I’ve visited ma in hospital it’s been me sitting at her bedside just chatting away ignoring all the crazies the best I can…this new hospital she was transferred to had a basketball ring and is women only. big upgrade for me. I was just shooting hoops when the cutie with the bloody arms approached me

i let the opportunity slip from my hands…bit depressed…not going to slice up my arms over it. Will try to score next time. will keep you updated with progress


hoops AND crazy bitches? What’s the name of this place; Heaven?

ive had friends that did “time” in mental institutions… dont ask.

BUT they have stories of banging crazy broads by the boatload, whether true or not ive never seen them get weird looks from the peeps around when they mention it (i mean they dont get looks that are “overly” weird)

however they were patients.

if shes not stark raving mad and simply one of those peeps that gets put in for stupid stuff like drugs/depression… i dont see why not, the worlds littered with the functionally crazy anyways and they are out walking the streets. just remember that if you catch feelings… your just as crazy as them.

oh and next time try not to mention the blade marks casanova :rofl:


To give you a serious answer what you propose could possibly be illegal, or open you up to civil action from the hospital. http://eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal/search/detailmini.jsp?nfpb=true&&ERICExtSearch_SearchValue_0=EJ489416&ERICExtSearch_SearchType_0=no&accno=EJ489416"]Read abstract. While this isn’t a full article or anything you can clearly see from the abstract that people with reduced mental capacity aren’t as “fair game” as regular folk. I’d venture a guess that depending on her diagnosis a judge could say that you raped her much the same way that you’d be “raping” a 15 year old who took off her shirt and grabbed your dick. Even if this weren’t the case and criminal prosecution weren’t on the table there’s also civil action. The hospital has an obligation to “protect” her, and they could take civil action against you as a pre-emptive strike to prevent them from getting sued.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously that’s just some dumbass shit right there. You “dunno” if you want to meet her outside of the hospital? The fact that the thought of meeting her outside of the hospital was on your brain long enough for you to put it in this post means that there’s something wrong with you. This bitch is crazy enough such that someone thought she needed to be separated from everyone else, and she cuts herself. MOTHERFUCKER WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! If she’ll cut herself for insert whatever fucking reason here she’d probably have no problem cutting you for *less of a reason that what was over there <–" … Goddamn man

Finally if you do go through with it make sure she doesn’t know who your mother is. If she does already then it’s a no go. First of all she’s obviously got access to your mom AND SHARP THINGS so if something sets her off you’re putting your mom in danger, but there’s also the chance that by knowing your mom she could find you outside of the hospital and that’s a bad idea (see: paragraph 2).

your talking crazie

My grandmother has alzheimer’s and is in a home. Most of these people would qualify as insane in some shape. Anywho, whenever I visit her, I end up seeing most of the people fucking anyways. As my dad says “it’s just their brain that doesn’t work properly”.

Wait until she’s released, you can easily find her release date. Also figure out their patient release policy (ask how your mom will get released or options they have). Find out where they’ll be released and when. When she’s released you can do your thing, most likely their family won’t accept them back and will try to find a way to put her back in there or leave her out to live on the street. Don’t do anything in there, don’t even mindfuck them in there. When they start to write notes or scratch your name on their skin or some other shit then things will go really bad for you.

Aussie accents are hot, especially on Asian girls. If you don’t hit it, then you need to be sectioned.

Just don’t tell her any personal information; she’s bound to be yandere as fuck, and she’ll run those razor blades over your scrotum if she feels that you’re not as obsessed with her as she is with you…

That hurt.

But it’s a good kind of pain right?

Actually, I’ve realised that I might have encouraged OP with that comment. Perhaps the danger is one of the things that turns him on about the prospect of fucking a crazy girl.