Just switched from a hori fs3 to madcatz te

so i woke up this morning and to my surprise there was a huge package for me from ups. took a look inside and lo and behold, it was a shiny new te stick anc other sf4 goodiea my gf had gotten for me sfraight from gameshark itself.

now ive been playing with a hori fs3 since sf came out so i didnf know what to expect with these sanwa parts. but damnnnnnnn, ive been missing out. it feels like i just startes driving a benz after years of driving a honda. man its like butta … everything is so smooth and fluid. i am in love lol

on a side note … i seem to play better with my fs right now so that kinda sucks but i just need some practice.

well thats all. i jusf wanted to share this story and to let everyone out there know if is sooooo worth it to upgradw ur sticks to sanwa parts … especially if u had a stock hori like me lol

right now I’m using a FS3 and my TE is coming in the mail, so hopefully its better then using the fs3.

:razzy: I felt the very same way bro… LoL

Wow lucky. Any gf that buys SF4 stuff for her man is a keeper. :tup:

yeah so i asked her about it and it turns out she went to gameshark last week and she picked up the bundle for like 200 bux … it came wifh a scroll, a skin for the controller and a system stacker. i was like wtf i been hunting for 3 months and couldnt find it anywhere. lol

then she told me how she coulda got it gamestop but she didnt realize how rare it was and didnt buy it af the time and it disaapeared from her checkout the next day, so when she saw it at gameshark, she swooped hella quick cuz she knew wassup lol

Marry her NAO XD

In all seriousness though, here’s a pro tip: When you cant find something in stores, let your gf know because we all know girls are mad crazy with finding stuff through shopping XD

My gf found me Resident Evil 4 (new) and Megaman X collection (used) on the GC in some store for 10$ <3333

It took me several hours to come up to my lowly skills on the FS3, the #1 difference is the damn buttons.

I used to get so pissed when my moves didn’t come out, I would be mashing that button in between rounds.

yea man that’s the main thing i hate about the FS3 too, the damn buttons are so unresponsive.

that, and when i first started using the fs3 my right wrist would hurt alot because of the position of the buttons and no where to rest my palm.

been playing on a hori ex2, but ordered a te when gamestop had them in stock last week so i get mine on tuesday. I CAN’T WAIT!!!:lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin: