Just started playin adon :)!

and i have to admit, im loving it :)!
i had decided i would try a few new chars before ae comes out 2moro.
adon is such a good character for me :rock:rusing down people and throwing in a few mixups,what more could you want :woot: !

but i feel im missing a few basics as adon ?
could anyone list out a few basic strats for using adon ? thanks :smiley:

also if you have the time could you check out my adon replays on xbox live :pray:


Well…since I bought SSF4 I’ve been playing only ONE character…and that’s Adon. So I could write down almost a whole book about basics, strats, etc. for him.
But I guess neither you nor anyone else are going to read a whole book about him ;-). Anyway, here are some of my personal basics and strats for Adon:

Basics: St. Roundhouse - one of his best tools. Great range, 2hit (if close enough) so it can break focus of enemies. Learn to use and space it properly
cr. MP - another excellent tool for him. Can be comboed in LK RJ, his Super or if blocked into MK or HM JK.
n. jump HK - can be used is some cases as very great anti-air or after a cross up to confuse your enemy
MK and HK JK - definitely learn to use and space this 2 special moves correctly. You can deal a lot of pressure and minimize your opponents options.

Strats: try not to use HK JT (beginners always like to use it often). Instead use either LK JT ot MK JT as baits. Practise some of his anti-air tools ( delayed HK RJ,
n. jump HK, st. MK, cr. HP) and try to use them as often as you can avoid your enemies jumping on you, crossing you up etc.
Try to controll the space (especially against grapplers, they give Adon a hard time) if neccessary with st. Roundhouse and cr. HP.
Try to learn AJKs properly (timing, spacing, LK, MK or HK). They are a great way to deal with almost all shotos. There is also a thread to this topic here.
Be aware against grapplers. Never use HK JT, LK or MK JK (unless you definitely know it’s gonna hit) or you will get punished with command throws.
Learn his cross ups (j. MK or j. LK) and try to confuse your enemies with various set ups. example: cross up j. MK, cr. LP, cr. LK, HK JK or cross up j. LK
cr. LP, n. jump HK,…and so on. Try to be unpredictable and try to use different set ups to confuse your enemis. There is nothing worse than being always

But in the end, I honestly have to say: it’s really up to you and your personal prefernce what kind of Adon you play and so the strategy. If you like to play more defensivly like Justin Wong, then do it. If you like to be an offenive player like Gamerbee, the be it. Always try to have fun using Adon is my final advice here.
Hope I could help a little bit.

Best regards, Jaguar.

thanks for the tips guys :slight_smile: im defo making adon one of my 5 in ae :woot:!!!

who else? are you going to use then?

i was just wondering is there any other ways i can combo into super or ultra 2 ?

been trying loads of different chars, i hope i can pick a team of 3-5 i can learn properly

the ones I know of are:
RJ fadc u2 (obvious)
Corner EX JT u2
If only one hit of EX JK hits someone in the air, u can follow up with u2 (not 100% sure if its grounded, air, or both)

Not sure on this one but I hit someone out of the air with a regular JT and was able to follow up with a regular RJ; I assume I could have u2’d as well

i cant fadc :frowning:

You have also ia jk ex which should hit only once a neutral jump wherever but it’s very useless imo and the ex jt should hit cross-up on the ground.

Pratice more and more try with rj short first I found it’s easier with the short.

I love using cr.MP->Super and cr.HP->Super in footsies.

ill know most people have said these but im just gonna throw out all the ones I know.

meterless into ultra, I only know of the 4:
focus crumple > u2
nj.hk > u2
j.hk > u2

any? jt > u2 against airborne opponents. I believe all versions of the jt cause juggle on airborne, obviously only the distance makes a difference but I have done u2 from both the hk and mk. Timing feels quite strict to me so I dont do it often, I usually just do a mk.rj or st.hk

edit: I believe on rare occasions you can trade a lk.rj in the corner and can ultra after it, however ive only done this once and cant remember the character i played… think it was dudley, I **havent **been able to replicate it!

edit 2: I just remembered, I believe you can do a counterhit hk.iajk into u2! ill do some tests in a moment and report back later. im sure someone else can confirm or whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

single meter:
ex.jk in corner > u2. - Must only the first hit, the 2nd hit alters the juggle state and to my knowledge only the 2nd hit of a lk.rj will follow up.
ex.iajk anywhere > u2 - again only the first, the 2nd has a ‘spiking’ effect.(dont know what the effect is called in sf, think codys nj.hp! or onis nj.mp!)
both the above need to be done on airborne opponents!
note: I have done an ex.jk > u2 in the middle of the field however I believe I caught the jump perfectly, you just have to judge the distance.

ex.jt in corner > u2 - dont believe this is timing specific, even better now its immune to fireballs!
ex.jt crossup > u2 - this is spacing and character specific. Usually easiest when you are in the corner and they are a certain distance back.

two meter:
any rj FADC u2. Be careful in the corner as it whiffs on some of the smaller characters if you do it too fast!

I dont think you can FADC any other move of Adons and follow up with u2.

**additions: **
only tips I can give with doing FADC
I found it better to break it down. do a lk.rj then FADC dash, no follow up. Practice that until you have it down.
FADC’ing Adons rj is almost instant, do the motion then immediately press focus.
One thing I found when I first started was that I didnt hold down focus while I did the dash!
There are a variety of methods for this though. I believe if you finish the rj on a forward input then tap forward again when pressing the focus you should dash immediately? perhaps someone can clear that up.

Personally I press focus then tap dash twice while holding focus down. I find Adon has quite a long time to do anything after the juggle, so this method helps me with the timing.

Once you have the dash down you could even try doing a double FADC.
lk.rj FADC lk.rj FADC lk.rj.
This isnt good in a match because it burns loads of meter and doesnt do any more damage due to the way damage is split on first and 2nd hits! but I found it helped me at least.

Hope some of this helps and sorry it was so long, im rubbish at explaining things.

(corner) Focus Crumple > EX.JT > Ultra 2 does more damage than **Focus Crumple > U2 **iirc.

You can also Focus Crumple > HK.JT > Ultra 2, but you have to be tiny bit away from the corner iirc – too bad my PS3 is busted for retesting, it was a fun little discovery.

OP, practice IAJK, it takes a few hours/days to get the timing down IMO.

ah crap I forgot about the focus crumple jt follow ups!!
Also I always seem to mess up the buffer for super. I usually end up doing it when they block aswell :frowning:
no matter how much I practice… any tips?

edit: sorry for hijacking the thread with my latest question :smiley:

It still happens to me sometimes - best advice is that you should only buffer the INPUTS (qcf, qcf) and hit a punch button ON REACTION.

Oh, and HOLD your cr.MP/cr.HP to prevent accidental negative-edging.

right, thanks ill try that :smiley:

you can option select the super from cr.mp. do a cr.mp qcf, qcf, mp all at once just ***outside ***the cr.mp range. if you get a counterhit off one of their pokes then blam super comes out. If you wiff the cr.mp, thats all that happens.

I dont usually buffer the super to try to hit confirm it.

Im a pretty good adon player but ive always wondered is there any safe way to use U1 without using focus crumple>backstep>U1?

Punish fireballs???

since they nerfed the air tatsu, its fireballs and some character specific punishes.
alot of these are against charge characters. I dont use u1 much at all any more but here we go…

Akuma > beats all his fireballs, ex is difficult on reaction! air fireball is a free u1! I dont know if you can OS u1 with a jump in to beat out teleports like you can with Sim!
Honda > Punishes blocked hp. headbutt, dont know if it punishes any other strengths. Could probably punish butt slam thing!
Bison > blocked psycho crushers. Guess this will be range dependent! I tend not to use this…
Blanka > Blanka balls, I assume you could punish all of them since the nerf? but could be wrong!
Balrog > I believe you can punish a rush punch, couldnt tell you what strength however…

Fireballs > only fireball ive had trouble with is Guiles Sonic Booms! Everyone else you should be able to react to! exept maybe ex…

I believe the entire first jk of the u1 is fireball invincible! so id imagine the ultra beats Onis u2 aswell and any other fireball ultra… assuming these people throw them out.

im sure there are more uses, I cant think of any right now :frowning:

Ultra 1 punishes Bison whiffing Devil’s Reverse, too (the upside-down glowing-hand thingy).
I find it’s good vs Deejay if you’ve got good reactions.

Guile, use Ultra 2 – Sonic boom recovers too fast, the only way to beat it is psychic MK.JK or EX.JK