Just Started Nova

I can’t connect any of his basic combos. Like the L, M, H, S, A.M, A.M, A.H, A.S, Fwd H. The enemy keeps resetting before the Forward H connects.

The problem should lies in how many hit your J.S does.

You need to do 3 hits with J.S in order to connect Fwd H. Usually, you cant get 3 hits because you jump and do J.MMHS too fast. As a result, your opponent is higher in the air than you while you are doing J.MMHS and net you 1-2 hits from your S.

Delay your jump or Include fly combo in order to juggle the opponent on the same height level as you should fix the problem.

This is easier as a BnB, I promise:

However you got in to st.M, st.H, S, j.H, S, F+H, S, j.M, j.H, QCF+L, SRK+AtkAtk.
Roughly 680 (depending on how you got in and assists and blahblah) and leads to a reset for Air Grabs into another full combo.