Just started ggxxac. Need some bare basics (normals, character flow ect)

I’m starting with order sol. Generally, what is his character type/goal? He seems to be a rushdown character. Anything in particular I should be looking for?

I’m a bit of a scrub when in comes to nsfg’s in general. So… Keep that one in mind.

I wanna start with the bare basics of normals- I’ve played gg before so I know controls and movement ok. Or are normals even where I should start? NSFG’s seem to be very, very combo centric, but all combos start with a certain normal. This the right place to begin?

If so… Or even if not… I want to know what to use my grounded normals for first of all, and I’ll go on from there.

[Accent Core] Order-Sol Combo Thread

These videos should lay down the basics, any other inquiries you may have can probably be found on dustloop. If not, then create a thread on dustloop since it is the main forum site for gg(and bb).

just combos?
I made a thread on dustloop.
but really? no normal info?

[Accent Core] Order-Sol 101/Primer, READ HERE FIRST NEWBIES!
L2 scroll further down…

Look for match vids of Inoue, 0 (zero), kaqn, KZO

Order is basically a character that wants to get in close and do a 3 way mixup of jump-in into ->1.low 2.double jump fuzzy guard mid 3. land and throw.
All 3 options give you the corner loop.