Just realized that sound is coming from both headphones and speakers

I’m surprised nobody said anything about this, but I guess it was apparent when some of my co-workers were asking me what I was listening to when I had my headphones on. Nobody should have been able to hear my music. I just realized it today when I took my headphones off and noticed the sound from the speakers. I don’t turn up the music loud, so it wouldn’t have came from the headphones.

What can I do about this? Note that this is a work PC, so some settings might be restricted. The PC is a Dell Optiplex 380, and it’s got a Realtek sound device in it.

Looks like the problem is solved, please close/delete thread.

When you create a post like this, but figure out the problem yourself, it’s customary to post how you fixed it, so that people who search for your post later will find the solution.

he probably didnt push it all the way in.