Just picked up this game

I’ve only played with Athena so far. Not really familiar with KOF at all to be honest but it seems very fun. Who do you guys recommend hitting the training mode with?

Kyo, Kyo, Kyo, Kyo, Terry, Ash, Andy, Kyo, Beni, and Kyo.

What ever characters you like the best. Also hold final inputs and buttons so moves come out easier.

How do you play? What kinda play styles do you prefer? What characters do you play in other games?

My main game is Marvel (Nova/Sentinel/Strider and Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Sentinel) but I’ve also touched SSFIV (Abel/Cammy), 3S (Hugo), and SFxT (Balrog/Hugo)

I enjoy rushdown with a little zone. I’ll play any big brawler types though.

Go to YouTube and watch the KOF tutorial.

If you like to rushdown, Claw Iori is my personal favorite for that. If you want rushdown with a little zoning ability, Kyo, K’ and EX Iori can do that. KOF is a game that so favors offense that almost any character can be played in a rushdown style, though.

If you want big brawler types, Clark and Daimon are very strong options.

With Wolvie, Dr. Doom and Cammy, I think you like dive kicks. Yuri has them. Yuri also has a command grab, some mid-range zoning and is a beast at mix-ups once she’s in, so she might just fill your quota all the way around.

If you want a good rushdown character check out Billy.

So gdlk…