Just Made the First General FGC Toronto, Ontario Facebook Group - All Welcome!

Hey everyone, I hope all is well. Just wanted to make a post to bring attention to something that hasn’t existed until now: a Toronto fighting game group. Thought it’s labeled as such, literally anyone is welcome and the group is not tailored to any one fighting game, but rather the topic as a whole. Buying and selling of peripherals is also allowed, along with arranging meet-ups and events.

Basically, I just wanted to bring people together for a topic I love, and there wasn’t a group like that for my area, despite it being a major metropolitan city. Hope this grows the community.

Welcome to Toronto FGC! =) Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/torontofgc/

Thanks for listening <3

EDIT: Moved to Fighting Game category from General Discussion as I made a mistake posting this there. Apologies. I’m a little (a lot) new.


Learn to search…

Thanks for the advice, new here. If your name is any inclination, I’m hoping you’re excited for Geese in T7 c;

Damn nevermind just noticed you’re a wrestling fan. That level of misery prohibits you from feeling excitement. fuck lol