Just imported some Vewlix's, and wired one up with brook boards

Vewlix L, Samsung 1080p panel. Brook boards, and ps4. Those quick disconnects really did a number on my fingers, just finished wiring the other day.

Went for astro city motif, panel is super crisp, no noticeable lag.

Forgive the ugly condition underneath with the ps4, nothing is bolted down yet, just in there loose for testing purposes.


Nice bro. How much did the cab cost?


I import these direct from the manufacturer 5-10 at a time, and resell. Costs vary depending on options.












Nice! It’s amazing how far we have come with the hobby. To think it was revolutionary to set a X360 in a Naomi/Blast City and now we have LCDs ready for 1080p native to run PS4…it’s crazy! I thought some of them vewlix cabs are only 720p, are the black ones 1080p, any idea how to tell before commiting to buy? At Round1 arcade all them vewlix and noir cabs are 720p. They tried hooking up a newer game and couldn’t 'cause it wasn’t capable of running 1080p natively.

Vewlix generally come with 768p panels that hook up through VGA, but you can source commercial grade 1080p panels. You just have to be resourceful, and find the right contacts in Asia. Or you can try and luck out and find a vewlix DB, but those are probably $3000-$4000.

For instance, I have everything manufactured to specification. I paid significantly more for my 1080p panel vs the 768p panel, but it was a good investment, because it’s crisp as a MFer, and I really wanted an arcade setup for the ps4. Fight sticks are great for taking to tournaments. But now I have a real arcade experience, can’t wait to start banging out online matches in my living room.

Jeez, that’s the dream right there. It may not happen any time soon, but I’ve got my sights set on one of those darn vewlix cabs man.

i had the blaze blue L back then. hooked it up with a hdfury via cdmi adapter. it was the tits

Ah, thanks for clarifying.