Just how long will the great ones last?

Its pretty amazing to see some of these games last for SO long. People have figured out so much about the games’ engines, that games last for so much longer than they were even intended for. SF 2 first came out in 1991, and even though there have been a number of revisions, its still the same game. People still play Turbo even though they made HD Remix not too long ago…

Well, SF 2 has lasted for this long, so just how much longer will MvC 2 last for? SF 2 has no where near the fast pace and crazy action that SF 2 has, but its still here. MvC 2 has to last for maybe 15 more years at the very least. I would really like to see them put CvS 2 on XBLA and PSN. Ive heard that there are alot of spectators but not enuff players… Well, you gotta put the game out there first, then we can turn those spectators into players :razzy: And how bout Melee? Who ever expected it to turn out like it has? I remember how I always only played against the comp because there was no one around my area to really play against, and I created enuff memories just from that. I thought I was so good, then I went on Youtube and saw some Combo videos for Melee for the first time, and I was shocked. I knew Melee was addicting, But I had no idea people had taken it that far. That game is most likely bound to last for several more years, and it would be even more if Nintendo made a real online service for the GC, which is something they havent even done for the Wii sadly. There are other games out there too, like Mortal Kombat 2. Personally, I hate MK 2. Its way too slow for me. MKT is the only MK I would play, and I still dont really like that one either.

On another note… I hate the fact that Guilty Gear Accent Core is only on the Wii and PS2. I have a Wii, but I havent played it in ages. Since Brawl dissapointed me so much, I barely even think about it anymore. I do have an arcade stick, but its for the 360. Does anyone know a good USB converter I could probaly buy in case I do go ahead and decide to get Accent Core? And that goes for TvC too, I may get that as well.

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SRK: Livejournal edition

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Third Strike lasted a little over a decade, but that was only thanks to revivals in the form of PS2/Xbox releases and GGPO, and now 3SOE.

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