Just had to come back and talk about the Alpha series vs SF4 series

Havent posted in a long time but was bored and felt the need to vent. Played SF series from sf2 to SF4 til around 5 years ago. Recently started playing USF4 and then today hopped onto Alpha 1 just for kicks. Alpha 2 is imo the best SF ever, but even A1 is a thing of beauty. Seriously fire up any game in the alpha series, especially 1, the smoothness, the feel, its just magic. Way, way , way better than SF4. Easy chain combos and links that flow like a river of butter, simple and elegant super meter with alpha counters. No complicated systems like fadc or silly revenge ultras and ex moves. Just your bar and 2 super moves and your skill. Pure footsies and reaction, execution was easy. No insanely overly difficult clunky chain 1 frame links like SF4. I hopped on alpha after not playing for a decade or more and I felt like a pro. I play sf4 and im useless. This isnt an “I suck at sf4 so im mad” thread. Its just a cry for nostalgia and how great the alpha series was. I cant find a single thing better about SF4, alpha just blows it away handily. Makes me want to weep.

I loved the alphas and yes 2 is the best love the shoto play in it