Just got the game and I need some help and sparring partners

Game is cool so far I just suck right now and would like some people to play online so I can get better. The offline community where i live wait… there is none so im stuck with playing online most of the time.

Live or PSN?

im on PSN

Feel free to throw me a friend request. I tend to make lobbies and keep them open whether I’m fighting or not. I just like having a loaded room for people to party in.
PSN= Blaq_acid

PSN = JoeShorts

tcorrea on PSN. Always looking for more people to play with.

Phreakazoid28 on PSN. Definitely would prefer to not just hop on ranked so add me up.

I’ll fire you guys some adds in a bit. I’ve been trying to keep lobbies open even if I’m on auto pass just so people have a place to play.
@joe I tried adding you yesterday but the space was throwing me off lol. I’ll hit you up today.

Thanks for the request got it yesterday. I will be on a lot this weekend if people want to play.

PSN - JoeShorts

send me requests guys, my PSN is SGT_slap_a_hoe