Just got my PS3 TE and

playing HDR in Training testing the stick and i think my turbo switches are f*cked up the leds flash but the buttons dont respond to the switches & if Tried both Modes anyone knows WTF is Up?

Turbos dont work properly with that game. It’s a known problem.

Why call it a problem? How about Turbo is disabled in HDR.

Because it’s a problem. And the turbos on the HRAP3 work with that game.

just called Madcatz its a PS3 SFIIHDR Problem that capcom has 2 patch. that’s ullshit

I love the cliffhanger subject line. It’s guaranteed to get you some hits.

did you accidentally your grammar too

^Lol. I want to play:

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday…

Taiko Drum Master for PS2 without the drum sticks. What a crock. I had to buy my own from a music store. I hate eBay, Capcom and Mad Catz for no reason in general. Also Microsoft for the RROD, Sony for disc read errors and the Wii for gimmicky kiddy games, oh and Cave for region locking their 360 shooters. /sarcasm

Why can’t you ask this in the thread made exclusively for that stick?