Just got my first stick (Japanese) Should I hold like the American style? So I can

Just got the Mad Catz TE stick. It’s Japanese style (ball top.)

I want to practice for 3S and SSF4.

Anyway, while I’m still new with it… Should I learn to hold it as if it’s the American style (no ball top, just the stick) ??

That way, no matter what the set up, I can execute the moves either way. The disadvantage maybe a few extra unwanted inputs. But overall, being able to take the move execution on any setup sounds rewarding.

Just play and use whatever you’re most comfortable with. It can differ between people. In the end it really doesn’t matter, just let your hand naturally get into the groove of using the TE the way you like it and go from there

I personally don’t like the ball top as a BALROG player, I really struggle to do the head butt into ultra, that is why I use the battop much better, although ball tops are better for the RYU or KEN or any of the shotos.
I would also agree with gMok just use it get the feeling, you will probably find a position where your hand feels more comfortable, I have seen players grab the ball top where you can’t even see the stick or others will put it between their index and middle finger, so basically just practice and see if the ball top goes along with the fighter you are used to if not there is an easy solution just buy the sanwa bat top and adapter which is about $5.

Just hold it in a way that doesn’t cause your hand to hurt. Also, read the stickies.

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hold it like you’d hold your cock. That makes it easy to get real comfortable with it. Or so I’m told. >_>

I have no problems using the ball-top as someone who uses Boxer and Dictator. It’s all personal preference. Same applies to how you hold the stick.

If one method is giving you fewer execution errors, stick to that one. Consistency is key.

Thanks for the link I saw that.

My question isn’t really which is best for execution. (I found the wineglass to be my best grip, personally.)

But has anyone else heard of going with what feels to be an “inferior” grip, just so they can play more universally?


  • You cant really “wineglass” the american style stick (theres no ball.) You CAN wineglass the the japanese style stick. So you will eventually be able to learn how to wineglass on the Japanese but not the American style.

  • You can hold the japanese style stick, with a fist (as if to hold the american style stick.) You CAN also hold the american style stick (no ball) with a fist. Meaning… you can compete on either machine.

So wouldnt that make it so you can carry your skills anywhere? On whatever style stick at the arcades?? Im not being rhetorical, Im wondering if a lot of people decided to train this way so that they can perform the moves no matter what style cabinet theyre playing on.

Why do you worry so much about balltops anyway? Like 99% of the sticks that are out today are balltops. And even then, most tournaments these days are played on console… So you bring your own stick.

Only after digging out my PS2 sticks (happ), did I realize I had changed my grip. I think subconsciously at least, you’ll find that the balltop is easier when not held like a banana.

Well it just comes down to your personal preference. I’d suggest you go into the training room and practice a bit to see which style fits you best and if you are still unsure go to this link- [media=youtube]12U3wDThs40[/media]

That video is so amazingly scrubby it’s wonderful.

You don’t need a video guide to hold a stick. Just. Hold. It.

You’re over thinking it, just play with whatever feels comfortable for you. But if you really want to discuss this, grip is probably the last thing to worry about transitioning between American and JPN sticks, I’d argue that the gate and tension of the spring are way more of a factor. I can switch between both kinds of sticks seamlessly, but I’ve been playing for a long time.

Yeah, you’re really thinking too much about how you feel it “should” be held. There’s no right or wrong way, just however you feel comfortable.

That said, I will say that you’ll use a lot less force in order to use Japanese sticks, unlike American sticks where they were made for rough movements. That and the square gate may be early obstacles in improving your execution. Get used to softer movements of the stick and you’ll find that it will take a lot less effort cranking out directions and motions. This includes charge characters as well.