Just got KOF 12 for 360 need answer about 3v3 co-op b4 opening

Ok so…

I have read everything I can find on this, and now that the game is actually out I am hoping some competent well spoken person can give me an answer and not speculation.

Here is the thing, I do not plan on playing KOF12 if I can not play it WITH (not against) my friends online.

So can I sit down with my girl and a friend and play 3v3 (each player controlling another character) online against another 3 players ON THE 360 VERSION.

I understand that ps3 clans makes this possible, but I heard that 360 had the same functionality (minus the clan part) with a different name, but there was much debate about if this was true or not and all of it sounded like speculation to me.

Like I said I will not even open KOF12 (i will return it) if I can not because I tend to play SF4 anyways and I can not justify dropping the cash on another game right now if I can’t play it with mah frenz when they are over :X

So a definitive answer on this is so appreciated I can not even tell you :smiley: !!! Please let me know :wink: Thanks!

While I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, there is a team battle option on the 360 version. I’m guessing this is what you’re lookin for?

i don’t think u can i think thats only online with the PS3 since that has the clans feature

These responses are exactly what I was… not looking for :wink:

No offense but these are the same types things people have been saying on the web since we heard ps3 was getting clan mode and 360 wasn’t.

Don’t need any answers about “I don’t think it…” or “I think it…”

People have been arguing both ways for a while.

But the day has arrived where we need no more speculation.

Really looking for someone to try this out when they get a chance and give a definitive answer.

I would really appreciate it ;D

Ok im going to be blunt here, this is dumb dude. You said you bought the game and you want to know if that particular option is in the game… Why not just open it and see for yourself? You already went the extra mile to buy the damn thing, why not just play it and see if it’s worth it?

You looking for “legit” responses when not many people own the game right now is pointless… :lame:

I disagree.

I bought the game for the specific option. I grabbed it because a lot of my friends like fighters and when we heard that we might 3v3 together we were psyched. We play SF not KOF but this “option” (which is experience defining, not just some fine tuning) is worth us trying our hand at the KOF series and seeing if we can get into it.

So let me be blunt. I understand that you might be impatient so you think that I am. You think I want an answer right now because I posted a thread on SRK.

I understand the game literally just came out, and technically before street date.

I don’t care if the answer comes in a couple/few days or even a week. Now that the game is out, when someone gets a chance to answer, if they kindly will then that’s awesome.

To imply that i’m impatient is enough proof you have no clue what you’re talking about.

All I’m saying is that if you wanted to experience the game hands on, why not just open the game and decide whether or not the game is right for you… That has nothing to do with me being impatient at all, so stop getting so defensive.

You stated in your post that you did in fact pick up the game, did your research and to your conclusion, the results you found did not clarify your objective. So with that said, if the research didn’t answer all of your needs then why go out to buy the game without getting valid results? This only proves that you are in fact the impatient one and are buying the game based on the buzz and that your friends “enjoy playing fighting games”…

You could’ve just waited until the game dropped officially and more people owned the game to get a better perspective on things… In this case you tried to be the “lucky” one getting an early copy, and are asking a question that could easily be answered in a few days time…



I understand that you don’t like my question, but I would appreciate if you just let me wait for an answer and stop polluting the thread with no-answer posts.

Sorry you don’t like it, or that it makes you mad or whatever you don’t want me to ask it for, but I would like to just wait for an answer if that’s alright. Thanks.

Yes, you can do 3 vs 3 battles.

Guys, I have this book in front of me but I don’t know if it comes with a foreword in it. I could just open it and look, but I wanted to get your input first. I figure posting about it on the internets would be faster.

You didn’t read what I said because I did say that it was UNOPENED and I would be returning it if this feature was not available.

The reason I am asking AFTER I BOUGHT THE GAME

is because previously one of the specs for the 360 version (numerous sources) said co-op 1-3 IN ORANGE TEXT (meaning online), but when I bought the game and got it in my car I realized that it was not listed that way on the package.

This thread is silly.

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Bullshit aside… Here is what’s up with 3 on 3.

PS3, 3 on 3 is ranked and unranked and also has a clan feature.

360, 3 on 3 is there but it’s unranked play only.

But right now the netcode sucks balls till the street date and also a patch is coming soon.

Thanks very much dude for taking the time to answer my question ;D !!!

I’ll watch the news on the net code before breakin the cellophane.

Thanks again dude for the answer :wink:

I tried making a game in KOF12 on my PS3, wanted to choose team battle but it wouldn’t let me, only single :\ is it only for clans? What’s the dealio?

You have to join/create a clan(under options in clan menu) to select it.

Ah, gotcha. Thanks.

You guys can’t be that retarded. He opens the game, it’s not new anymore. If he opens the game and the feature is not there, he’s returning it.

Use your brains for once, kids.

Judging by what you said, I assume you want to do 3 of your friends at your place vs 3 random people online? It seems 3v3 (a total of 6 people) is possible–but only online. I have started a team battle, and it looks as though 3 people join on either side, but I am allowed to pick an entire team of 3 people. Going to “order select”, though, lets you set a gamertag to either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, so I’d say it does allow for 6-players ONLINE.

Unfortunately, so far I see no way to have other players on the same console join in. That, and there doesn’t seem to be enough people online for me to verify that it’s actually 6 people…

To get an idea of what the whole team battle setup looks like, check out this video.