Just got cvs2. Need a little help. just a little

So I play a chun team…
Her supers a a wee bit hard to cancel into in this. Hate that. Shorts have no range.
Other than that Bnb combos?

Also kyosuke, What combos should I be using with this guy?
Setups for launch?

I really like maki too. She’s just so cool. Generally what are my combos i shouold be using there?

Note: I do look at the djb vids. Also the wiki.

What are the djb vids?

Go to the cvs2 forums!!!

Maki is super hard to use for a nub and Kyosuke could not be more terrible.

What groove are you using?

C-Chun is all about lvl 2 cancels

-d.jab, d.strong XX lvl2 kick super XX rh LL, d.strong XX lvl1 kick super, sj. rh,rh

-in corner, d.strong XX lvl2 kick super (wait until after launch) XX LL(whiff), juggle with close s.rh~sjc. rh,rh

-s.strong XX lvl2 kick super XX short spinning bird kick, lvl 1 kikosho

-s.jab, s.jab, s./l.short XX lvl3 kick super, sjc. fierce,fierce


s.fierce XX lvl2 kick super XX lunge punch (haha I think this is Maki’s only reliable combo)

Kyosuke BnB combo:

When highlighting him on the Character Select screen, tap the joystick in any direction and then press any button to pick ANYONE BUT KYOSUKE.

Best post in this thread.

A collection of videos demonstrating impractical bullshit shenanigans masquerading as ‘practical tactics’.

edit: Actually you know what, after rewatching some of these videos “shenanigans” is too kind a word for some of this stuff, since that implies they might work once in a blue moon.

yo I love this man…no homo

Seriously, avoid DjB13 videos at all cost. They’ll teach you nothing but useless things that never work in real matches. Back in the day when everyone sucked, mad people thought DJB13 was a heaven sent, no thanks.
Also, don’t play this game like SF4. You actually have to think to play cvs2, hate to break it to you.

With Chun, just practice it.

With Kyosuke, you can use launcher as a AA, but it comes out kinda slow, just use st mk, or cr fierce.

With Maki, you wanna use her FF chain, jab strong fierce RH.

lol TNB

I thought you were exaggerating, so I decided to watch the Rugal one. It started out somewhat credibly, then


Holy shit, is this meant to be serious

These are the least airtight “strings” I’ve ever seen. Who is gonna get guard crushed by that

DJB13 = jokes

I just started a month or so ago as well (a scene popped out of nowhere and I was like, “why not?”).

But I know nothing of those characters. Pretty sure Chun can hitconfirm into low strong xx super, which has a lot more range than short short super.

short short super doesn’t do anything.

if you’re having trouble with jab jab strong xx super, you CAN plink it (this was known before SF4 was even an idea) But IMO its better to just do it the regular way, it’ll help your execution in the long run.

You need to tell us your Groove…i also don’t really understand your Chun question. Are you having execution problems? The most common mistake is to let go of the MP button and over-exaggerate your motions for the Super…holding down the punch button really helps soothe the combo problems.

Kyosuke…he sucks. But when i use him for funsies, i use

c.lp x 2 => c.lk xx flash kick
c.lp x 2 => c/s.hp xx Overhead special or HP Fireball (this doesn’t combo but…Kyosuke doesn’t have any reliable mixup…)

Launcher setup…theres no real setup, and it trades more often than not as an AA. The only Groove i can see it happening enough is P, and maaaaybe K. But outside of Parry of the deep JD, theres no real way to set it up from what i seen. Unless you count random roll hope they get hit by it…=_=

Maki doesn’t have alot of combos either…

c.lp x 2 => s.lk is the one i use most often, and is hit confirmable into Dash Super. Execution is not the most friendly here though.
s.hp xx Super or c.mk xx Super…both Dash ones.

first of all srk people, I pick who i want. You aren’t influencing that.
Secondly, I’ve played street fighter for years. Like 10. I started with ww. So don’t talk to me like I’m a vsf4 ken masher. It’s condescending and rude.

All I asked for was some combo help. So far I haven’t got any and some angry people I haven’t even seen ranting about my character choice. It’s possible to play kyosuke well. It is possible to win with him vs. higher tiers- I’ve done it. Lower mid tier is not Ryo tier. And quite frankly tiers aren’t how I choose characters- If it were I’d go all top tier all the time. I pick who I like. You can spam psycho vanisher if you want to. Likewise, I’ll be doing air combos because I want to.

The Chun question wasn’t a question. It was a comment on the shorts’ tiny range.

I play multiple grooves. I’m looking for common meterless combos-which don’t need a certain groove/meter system.