Just got a stick and i cant pull off moves

i thought playing with a stick was supposed to be easier than a playing with a pad. I cant even do a cannon spike with the stick help me because i’m ready to throw my stick out the window.

It takes practice. You’re going to basically have to redevelop all of your muscle memory with the stick.

Is it square or octagon gate by the way?

Did this really need a new thread? Regardless , we cant say anything that you didnt know before , you have to practice and get good at it , like everything.

take your time, pick a side and practice the motion until you get it right. it will come.

Allen Iverson said it best. “Practice.”

Charge moves are much easier with the stick i just cant get the quarter circles down and the stick is a bit sensitive i like it

Yeah,that’ll happen when getting used to a square gate. Make sure that you try and not grind the “walls” of the gate when trying to do circle motions. You should be doing a circle motion within the square. You should only ever feel the stick hit the bottom and forward walls when you rotate.

Read the stickies before posting. This doesn’t need a new thread.