Just General Questions

First of all I just wanted to introduce myself because I’ve not seen a thread for that so I’m just doing it here.
I’m from the canary islands (Spain) and I’m 19. Since I remember, fighting has always been my favorite videogame genre because you can always improve and I think it’s very rewarding. None of my friends have fighting games as a hobby so I’ve always felt very alone in this way. It will probably sound strange for you, but I’m not registering in this forums to ask things (I will probably do it) just to talk about fighting games with people who are also interested in them and probably make some friends (Why not?).

This are the characters I am used to play:
(PC)Street fighter IV AC: Dudley
(PS3)Street fighter x tekken: Ryu-Kazuya (I´ve thought about dudley but I’m not paying 20$ to get it without knowing if it’s very similar to playing him in SF4AC).
(Ps3)Virtua fighter 5 FS: Goh
(Ps3)Tekken 6: Paul
(PS3)Umvc3: Wolverine,Ryu,Dante.
I’m not used to play Blaz blue since I do not own the game and but I smash buttons with Bang.

First and last time I apologize for my bad english lol.
Lol I just figured I called this thread ``Just General Questions’’ and I’m not asking anything lol

  1. This is a section for new players to ask basic fighting game questions…so your thread title is misleading since you basically had no questions to begin with. Don’t do that again.
  2. If you want to discuss fighting games…you can check out the various subforums on SRK. Take the time to browse each subforum…even join in some conversations.
  3. We have Regional Matchmaking and Online Outlets you can use to match/meet up with other players.

Sorry for opening this thread then, you can close it if you consider it necessary. Thanks for helping me.