Just Finished Custom Vertical/Horizontal Shooter Cabinet!

Been working on this for the past month and just finished yesterday. I was inspired by all the new Shmups that are releasing on 360 and the great ones that have already been released.

I decided I didn’t want to make a generic cab so I decided I had to pick a specific game so I went with the game that got me into shmups back when it released on Dreamcast, “Ikaruga”.

Concept was to make a simple design that would:

  • Be smaller than my 2 other cabs (Vewlix custom & Astro City)
  • Be able to rotate from vertical to horizontal without unmounting the monitor
  • Capture the feel of the game but also stand alone if I decide to change the theme
  • Stick with the “polarity” theme in Ikaruga

So I used:

  • Hammered silver and black paint that has a slight shine but also a rougher
    look to kinda simulate the Ikaruga ship.
  • Asus 24 inch monitor
  • Lizardlick repro panel with custom gameongrafix overlay
  • JP 360 for Cave shmups etc.
  • Jwin sound bar/subwoofer just cause it fit the size price I was looking for

Here is the finished project:

When my Astro monitor gets back from being capped I will post my Mini Man Cave in the post your arcade cabinet thread.

WOW that is unique! I love it! very cool that you can rotate the monitor… How long did it take to build?


Full inception was probably a month, Did all drawings etc while I was waiting for all the parts to come in. All woodwork, painting and assembling was like 4 full long days lol.

Very unique, but you should make a cooler looking sign instead of that printed on white paper sign, its the only thing that looks out of place.

Great idea! Can you take a picture of what the cabinet looks like with the monitor in the horizontal position?

looking good man. im in the process of making something similar. i will be going even smaller than this one though.

What are you using for the 'tate mechanism?

Looks great man, what did you use for the mount to turn it…How big is that monitor?

I want to make a cockpit one for myself haha…

Haha. Reminds me of all the shmup madness we had going around here when We’d have someone holding a cheap computer monitor sideways. We even got technical and busted out the ductape. But this… awesome. I’d still like to see a 2P CP. :sad: Or is that what that TE with the vewlix-looking art next to it is for?

id like to see a pic of your other 2 cabs 2 if you don’t mind

Wow! Awesome idea!!!

Here is a horizontal pics for you guys! Thanks for all the comments!

Here is a link to the wall mount I used, it works great and you can tighten or loosen how much its able to rotate so you don’t get any movement etc.

UT-PRO100 Small Tilt Wall TV Mount

As soon as my astro monitor is in I promise the full lineup pics, i’m hoping for monday!

Wow, that’s nice! I love it! :tup:

Nice cab dude! I’m actually buying myself a jap 360 for the shmups, but don’t think I’ve got the skills to build something that nice lol

I really like your design setup with the TATE in mind. Your setup looks like a half-n-half, but that’s most likely something I would go with.

Group Shot!

Very shooty! :tup:

very hot…-drool-

what did you use to paint your Astro?

The stars are the shootiest…