Just drove 1000 miles to my land that my ancestors own

without any breaks (cept for petty) and theres a squatter living there. now, i was 10yrs old the last time i was there but I have the deeds so I decided to take a trip to check it out. when I do, not only do I find the place massivly flooded (which I find out later, its not as bad as it could be) but in my cabin theres this comic book covered in weed residue. some stoner has taken over my place!

before I could ask him the question he hits me with his question

the first words out of his mouth "hey man, did u smoke all my hydro?"
this guy starts grillin me for being in HIS place

as nicely as possible I ask “Hey man, you’re in my house. whats going on?”

he couldn’t even tell me the last people who lived here. he just started rambling names of his stoner friends

I answered his question with NO. he couldn’t answer mine

also the septic tank is STILL broken from the last time I was there.

also my dog was going up river but got swept away and I had to save her life. the dog also figured out how to wind down the window in the car.

what are my chances of kicking these squatters off? I have the deeds, but they fell in the mud…

also How hard is it to find gold?

Go to your local city hall, get copies of proof of ownership, call police, present copies and I.D., get hippies out of place, the end. Then you can slay the Jabberwocky and go on to save Narnia. But for God’s sake, don’t take an arrow to the knee. From what I understand, it’s all downhill from there.

You gotta smoke them out like you do bees. Light a big weed fire in the back yard, but nail all the windows shut from the outside except for one, which you leave merely cracked open for the sweet aroma of weed to seep in through. When they run out, you run in and lock the door behind you. Kinda leaves you trapped in there, but hey at least you’re trapped inside with a bunch of stoners. :tdown:

The important question here is, which comic book is it?

seriously though, You’ve got the papers, so you’ve got all the high cards and they’ve got…a comic book covered in pot residue. Unless the cops are absolute shit where you are, serving them the boot shouldn’t take a lot of time or effort. If they are… BOOM! HEADSHOT!!!


Capture and raise it…