Just bought the SE fightstick by madcatz

and the joystick feel is very awkward…
It seems like at the focal points of the joystick, it is shaped as a square, not a circle feel like the arcade…
I have troubles doing my moves, is this normal?

Square meaning that at each 45 degrees, I hit a corner, it’s square shape, not orthogonal like I think it should be
, please help! sry if im a noob

The joystick comes with a square “gate”. This is a bracket that limits the movement of the joystick, or restricts it. You can get an octagonal gate for your joystick that can easily be put in.

Here is a link for how to mod, or “upgrade” your SE stick you just purchased.


You will find all you need in this thread. What parts fit, where to get them, how to get more of an 8-way or circular feel to your joystick.

Thx ALOT Ruhfus!!!
You’re awesome!

I found the square gate weird at first, but after getting used to it I would never want to go back to an octo gate. It makes charge characters and srk moves so much easier to pull off. It is all preference in the end though. just an fyi… All streetfighter 4 cabs use square gates so if you want to practice for the arcade then getting used to the square gate is recommended

yea you get use to it after you start playin

The 360 SE Madcatz stick is in stock at the Madcatz/Game Shark website right now btw:

(Wednesday, June 10th 7:20 PM EST)


I just bought mine like 20 minutes ago. Im starting to get the hang of things, just play training mode until you get the hang of things.