Just bought the Hori Hayabusa Pro N. Pro tournament questions

So I’m living in Japan but originally from LA. I play online but usually get my butt whooped badly. Most of the time I lose to players who use Akuma, Guile, and Chun Li. I use Urien, but nowhere close to how Nemo can. I feel my skills are limited and have a hard time advancing up. I was using the Hori Fighting Stick 3 which was great to use, but decided if going the Pro Stick route was worth the trouble. Do you guys think I should join the tournament since? Is it expensive to join tournaments?

I’ve played this for years but feel I can’t pass a certain threshold. I try other characters like Guile but he seems boring. Pardon my sadness rant or if I’m showing ignorance.

Your living in Japan, I would take every opportunity and learn from players there. Enter tourneys, gain experience. Get over those first time jitters. The hori hayabusa is a great stick in my own opinion. Ive been using it for a few years a good stick. Replaced the buttons with silent sanwas. The hori hayabusa stick, i use for all my gaming. Hope that helps