Just Bought My First TE Stick! + Quick Question

Just bought my first TE Stick. This thing is incredible! Awesome weight, fantastic buttons/stick, and the MVC2 Artwork is absolutely stunning. Immediately played through MVC2 on XBLA, and it feels absolutely amazing.

Completely owns the “Tatsunoko vs. Capcom” Stick I bought for Wii last summer…Made by a company called “Exar”, and has terrible buttons.

Just a quick question. My stick came with a few cosmetic scratches on the sides. Is this normal? Did this happen to other people? I know it’s not a big deal at all, but I’m just asking out of curiosity :chat:

Yeah, it happens every now and then, used to be a huge issue. It would drive an OCD’er like me up the wall

How much did you buy it for?

Bought it at Gamestop for $140.

Cosmetic scratches? You mean on the artwork itself or on the body? Mine came with hairline scratches on the body which annoyed me at first but I got over it.

Yeah, the hairline scratches are on the body, not the artwork. No big deal though.