Just another Sim ... disgruntled

Hello there, fellow yoga enthusiasts lovers players…

im quite concerned about the future of dhalsim in usf4… I’d be suprised if I even get an answer in this, sadly, dead subforum of dhalsim :frowning:

Do any of you still believe there is hope for dhalsim? Maybe some hidden, still unexplored tech that would make dhalsim at least a solid midtier again?

Im trying really hard to get good with him. And while it can be “easy” to fend of people with zero knowledge about the matchup it’s quite disheartening when you face someone who knows how to play against dhalsim…

I understand that Dhalsim is a though candidate to balance correctly but it feels like capcom didnt touch dhalsim at all in this iteration of SF4.

Still way too low damage output except for Ultra/ Super Setups

still wonky b.mk - lp flame whiffs

the ex flame - followup isnt universal and for the cost of 1 ex bar, the damage addition just isnt worth it compared to potential super

still no reliable get-off-me-move except for super, teleport sounds good on paper, yet it either brings you close to the opponent or closer to the corner, both are places where you dont want to be :frowning: and you need it to IAT, thus, you can forget it in meaty situations.

There just seem to be so many holes in dhalsims play that I dont see how he can be viable / how capcom can leave him as he is.

Jumping normals beating anti airs clean (dudleys j.rh comes to mind), no more fireball into super trap …

So the big question again:

**Is there hope? If so, what can I … no what can WE do … ? **

I doubt that Sim will have any chance in this game just because the fact that so many scrubs complain about him. Every time Capcom decides to give Sim a new tool or even a slight buff scrubs will cry that it’s unfair.

A lot of people already dropped him. I’m sure they are tired of waiting for Sim to be good. Just take a look at this Sim forum section it’s dead.

Capcom should make Sim the punching bag in the training stage instead of Dan LOL!.

Abandon b.MK xx LP Flame and use db.MP xx LP Flame instead.

Don’t count on Capcom fixing him tho… Just pray that there are no more update to this game, that way they can’t nerf Dhalsim even more.