Just a few questions

Hi, I’m highly anticipating the release of this game on PC in July. I just had a few questions.

  1. Is there a good amount of people who play? Is it easy to find matches online, multiple people to play at most times of the day?

  2. Will the DLC Squiggly also be immediately available for purchase when the PC release comes?

  3. Is this game more directed towards the teenage crowd rather than gamers who are older?

Thank you.

First off, the game is not releasing in July. The beta is releasing in July(unless major problems arise). I do not believe there to be a concrete full release date yet. The only way to play the beta is by having donated to the IGG campaign back in March, or by purchasing beta access from the Skullgirls or Labzero website? I dont remember which one offers that service. Dig around a bit.

  1. Now that both console versions are up to par in terms of relativity, yes there are quite a few people who play the game online. Many of those same people + PC only gamers will be playing it on PC as well. There will be a fairly large crowd.

  2. Its “Squigly”. Only one letter G. She will not be available for purchase, but she will be in the beta, though she will be in beta stage herself. They are going to use the PC release and feedback to help play test Squigly against the original 8 at a much faster rate. This will help to balance out her final version. When Squigly is complete with no more work needing to be done, she still wont be able for purchase. She is free for the first 3 months, then you can buy her.

  3. Lol what? Its a fighting game dude. There is no intended age range, unless of course you talking MK. That is a bit more mature according to the rating system. It it really bothers you, SkullGirls has a T rating in the U.S.

  1. I thought the beta was being released sometime this month, and the full release coming in July? That’s what I read anyways.

  2. Nice to hear there will be a good crowd!

  3. That is really cool, free Squigly for 3 months (like a free trial to see if you like her) and then she is available to purchase. Love squids so I’ll definitely purchase when available.

  4. Thanks for answering my questions!

I feel like i should specify on the free Squigs thing. She is free the first 3 months she is out. Not the first 3 months after you initially download her. Also they were hoping to get her all finished up before EVO, which she most likely will be. They were also had the same expectations for the PC beta but they gotta do whats gotta get done :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta make sure it doesnt blow up anybodys computers lol

Will Squigly be free too for the first 3 months on PSN?

She and other DLC characters will be available free for 3 months on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live. If you download the character during the free period, you keep them permanently. If you don’t download within the 3-month period, then you’ll have to pay to get them if you decide to download 3 months later. It’s sort of like the DLC characters for Playstation All-Stars, who were free for 2 weeks.

R u saying, that if I buy Skullgirls on Steam within the first 3 months of release I get Squigly for free permanently?

assuming that squigly is released at the same time as the game on steam. yes.

same with the other 4 characters. download within 3 months of their release date and they are free. pretty fucking good deal if you ask me.

That is an incredible deal!

I feel like this whole thread is a giant viral commercial for Lab Zero’s awesome DLC policies, I hope I’m not the only one…


I feel obligated to point out that the only reason these characters will be free is because they have already been paid for by the crowdfunding campaign.

Typically you borrow money to make your DLC then make the money back on sales (plus some amount of profit, hopefully), but because these 5 characters were funded by donations, nobody needs to make any money on them. They’ve been paid for.

They were initially planned to be $5 each and if, in the future, more DLC characters are funded by a publisher rather then the fans, they will go back to being normal paid DLC.