JURI Match Up Thread

Everyone’s favorite waifu is back this week. Lock and loaded.

A few notes.
She has 950 health and stun.

Juri seems to have got shafted with her throw game. Off either back throw or normal throw if she dashes in you can punish her, and that’s regardless of whether she has you in the corner or not.
She can probably do a meaty from distance or a meaty fireball but your never going be forced to guess whether she’s going for a meaty or a throw. Off her air throw she will only get close follow up pressure if she has you in the corner.

Her normal’s pokes lack range, with the exception of her S.HK which looks to be slow.

She can’t do a meaty fireball off throws. These are approximations but this is what I have found so far.

Forward throw +10 on normal recovery
Back throw +13-+14 on normal recovery
V-reversal +13 on normal recovery

Always quick rise as she gets nothing significant except things like walk forward cr.mp to stuff you out of an input because all three of them space herself too far from her opponent.

The only time she has a setup off of forward throw is when she is cornered as she moves back normally. I do not think she ever gets a real setup off back throw.

From the games I’ve got to play against Juri, I think the game plan is to play it slow in neutral, make her do some mistake and try to avoid her putting you in block stun with her fireballs, which allow her to start pressing buttons. If you can anticipate her s.HK, you can punish it with v-skill. Don’t jump on her as she has very good anti airs. I’m not sure how legit that is but I got jabbed quite a few times by her s.LP while trying to jump crossup with MK.