Juri Combo using negative edge

Hope you like guys.


LK fs, MK fs;
j.HK, cl.MP, MK fr, cl.MP, LK fr, cr.HP, HK Senpusha, FADC (2o hit), cl.MP, LK fs, U2 (negative edge).

fs = fuhajin store (carregar fireball)
fr = fuhajin release (soltar fireball)

The highest damage Juri combo without U1 is Focus L3, Shikusen Ex (dive ex), U2, it gives 538 damage on Ryu or any char with 1000 life.
If anyone knows a higher damage combo that his, I’d be very happy to know!
See ya!

I don’t want to be that guy, but the scaling hurts that combo too much :confused: although it is flashy. If you just do a jump round house into U2 it will probably do more damage than that combo. Also, try doing J. Hk, fuzzy guard j.mp, ex shikusen into U2 on seth.