Jungle-Tested Combos! Rawr!

So far, I know Electricity and f+MK are both plus on block. Electricity is +1 and f+MK is +2.

Watching the WSO Day minus 5? stream archive, I noted ProblemX used crouching or standing LP, Electricity, s or c LP, b,f+LP as his main blockstring for pressure.

c MK, s LP, Rolling Attack works too I believe. c MK is negative on block but is still very strong.

There are many instances when Blanka can spend 1 bar of Super Meter to add on his invincible reversal, I’m assuming d,u+KK, in his combos, especially in his v trigger 2 combos! This adds lots of damage and stun!

Why did Blanka need Birdie’s Dolphin Dive command throw, lol? His v skill, lying on the ground, can be made longer by holding Down, then also cancelled into his forward or backward hop! His mobility is off the charts!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yL-eecgSee4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8PjGQuentU

His trials:

  1. j HK, c MK, c LP, b,f+HP

  2. c LK, c LP, d,u+LK

  3. j HK, s HP, b,f+PP, d,u+KK works mid stage, 2 bars

  4. counter s MK, c LP, PP rapidly, b,f+HP looks strong on block as well if you have trouble hit confirming.

  5. crush s HP, f+KKK, s MK>HK>HP

  6. j HK, s HP, V Skill Punch, d,u+MK

  7. In V Trigger 1 j HK, s HK, activate, s HP, V Skill Punch, b,f+P, d,u+K maybe optimal V Trigger 1 jump in combo without meter usage?

  8. In V Trigger 1 crush c HP, activate, P rapidly, b,f+P, d,u+HK, QCFx2+P

  9. In V Trigger 2, Activate, b,f+HP, immediately f+HP+HK, immediately ub+HP+HK, immediately uf+HP+HK. Blanks then lands in a position where d,u+KK should hit, but it wasn’t in the trial.

  10. In V Trigger 1, j HK, s HP, V Skill Punch, activate, long delay, d,u+LK, f+HP+HK, immediately u+HP+HK, immediately d+HP+HK, QCFx2+P! Not sure if the punch button’s strength matters for the Super to reach. I said d,u+LK in my notation because it’s waay easier than d,u+MK

j HP or j HK, then s HP won’t combo if Blanka hits the jumping heavy early and high.

I’m liking j MK a lot. Crossup j MK, c MK, c LP, c MK, b,f+LP has been my blockstring today, day 1. b,f+LP has very big pushback. If the first c MK hit, you can hit confirm it with c LP, b,f+HP, Super for a simple but very damaging hit confirm.

People aren’t used to the HCB+P command grabs.

After crossup j MK, c MK, Blanka is out of throw range, but not too too far, so a micro-walk, throw is an option.

Basically, j MK, c MK, c LP, c MK is the bulk of my Blanka right now. Mix in df+HP at long, tip range, and b,f+HK into the same. I don’t think b,f+HK can crossup. Someone know for sure?

To me, c HP is extremely slow, and s MP, which supposedly has good range…doesn’t. It’s a Cammy s MP, maybe a tiny bit more.

j MK, c MK, d,u+LK/MK
j MK, c MK, b,f+LP/MP/HP (distance dependent)

I believe you can add c.LP to both of those combos. As well they can also be ended with lightning.

s.LP can be cancelled into F/B+KKK which can lead into another s.LP and hop. I haven’t tested the consistency of doing a s.LP, F+KKK, s.lp into whatever extends atm.

j HK, s HP, MP+MK > P, d,u+MK

Unfortunately, non EX Electricity has very short range. So, it isn’t a very good combo ender. If it can even reach.

Nice post Grim!

His best finisher after Coward Crouch xx Wild Lift is fw. Vertical Roll for 168 damage (excluding CA, and provided you don’t want to spend 2 EX bars). Rh. doesn’t have any horizontal range and doesn’t hit. Interesting how both EX Vertical Roll and Fierce regular ball only do 150 damage.

fw means MK?

You can get mp electricity after backstep roll or j mp fairly quickly for some cheap damage against easier opponents

This impressive Blanka used c LP, Electricity, c LP as his primary blockstring. After the third hit was blocked, either c HP, V Skill hop into j MK, or something else. V Skill hop jump has a similar animation to HCB+P!