[June 9th 2013] Triple Threat Vol.5 - Southampton, UK


Blistered Thumbs Community proudly present the next installment of our flagship tournament series, Triple Threat Vol.5.

Venue fee: FREE
Tournament fee: £5.00 per game
Darkstalkers is FREE

Registration: 12pm-1pm
Tournament: 1:15pm - 9pm

Wireless controllers are BANNED!
If you turn up later then the signing up time you will not be allowed to enter
If you do not turn up to your match after 5mins you will be disqualified
If pause button is hit by a player the round will be given to the other player, unless it doesnt affect the outcome (i.e ultra animation, hit would killed anyway)
If player messes up the button check during a match it is up to the other player if they can re-do.

{3rd Strike}
Gill is BANNED
No “Dip Switch” changes
99 seconds time limit
No handicaps
Allowed to change super arts winner or loser
Losers can change character

{Arcade Edition v.2012}
99 seconds time limit
No handicaps
Losers can change character

{Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3}
No Handicap
No “Simple” controls to be used
99 seconds time limit.
“Auto-Super Jump” must be off
Losers can change characters.

{Darkstalkers: Vampire Savior}
No Handicap
Turbo Mode
Losers can change character
No “Dip Switch” changes
99 seconds time limit
(More TBA)

Prizes in all games:
1st: 70% of the pot
2nd: 20% of the pot
3rd: 10% of the pot

The Orange Rooms
3-4 Vernon Walk
Bedford Place
SO15 2EJ

closest hotel to the event is Jury’s Inn which is about a 5min walk the prices there are:

£44.10 for a prepaid single room a night
£49.00 for a flexible booking single room for the night

If you would like to include breakfast
prepaid is £54.10 for the night
flexible is £59.00

Website: http://southamptonhotels.jurysinns.com/

Novotel Hotel is about 10mins from the event and the prices for them is as follows:

Standard £49.20 single room for the night
Unrestricted Rate is £82.00
with Breakfast is £92.00
Dinner Bed & Breakfast £114
Park And Stay £175

Website: http://www.novotel.com/gb/hotel-1073-novotel-southampton/index.shtml

The third option is located about 10mins away also at the Premier Inn:
Pre-pay, no amends or refunds is £19.00 for single night/room
Premier Flexible is £54.00


Or a B&B located near to the venue for £25 single room


If anyone wants to see the last event you can watch it in full here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3rP67NUdEy2rf8uTT606oFnv76TZzi2d&feature=mh_lolz

Or matches here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3rP67NUdEy2rf8uTT606oFnv76TZzi2d&feature=mh_lolz

Just 3 days now, just a note to people the event will be streamed if you would like to watch, you can find it via the In For a Penny page here: www.twitch.tv/Akiraa20