[June 30th, 2012]VSB Presents: Vancouver Street Battle 11 - (AE Singles/Teams, UMvC3, KoF13, 3S, ST)

This is going to be the last VSB before EVO. We’re going to make sure everybody gets as much practice as they can get to rep BC @ EVO this year!!!

VSB Presents:
**Vancouver Street Battle 11 **




**** Tourny Information ****

Date and Location:

June30th (Saturday) @ ASS
Artistic Space Studios
140 - 4140 #3 Road, Richmond, BC.

Official Tournaments: (will be played on Xbox360 and evo monitors as standard, players please supply their own controllers/joysticks)

**Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 Edition Singles
Best 2 out of 3, Double Elimination $10/player

**Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 Edition Teams
Double Elimination $15/team

**Ultimate Marvel vs Capsom 3 Singles
Best 2 out of 3, Double Elimination $10/player

**King of Fighters 13 Singles
Best 2 out of 3, Double Elimination $5/player

**Street Fighter 3 : 3rd Strike
Best 2 out of 3, Double Elimination $5/player

12:30pm - Setup / Registration
1:30pm - KoF13 / SF3 3rd Strike
3:00pm - UMvC3
4:30pm - SSF4 AE Teams
6:00pm - SSF4AE Singles

Prize Distribution:
Standard Payout to top 3 players of each game.

Venue Fee: $20/person (or $15 if pre-registered, pre-reg cutoff is on June 26th)

Spectator Fee: $5/person or $10 if you wish to play casuals (will be hand stamped)

Contacts and Pre-Register:

Please post on our event page wall on facebook and ask for a pre-reg number, or simply email us at vanstreetbattle@gmail. com.



Hello I sent an Email to vanstreetbattle@gmail.com asking for a pre reg number and still have not got a reply.

Hey sorry about the late reply, we will be getting back to you with a pre-reg # today!
Also there’s been a change with the Venue. ASS has closed down on us last minute so we will be holding VSB11 back at E-Spot Billiards and Arcades!
Address is below!
[LEFT]7951 Alderbridge Way #160 Richmond, BC[/LEFT]

Also now that we are back at E-spot there will be no more spectator fees! Casual players can play at the 8x AE cabs they have at the arcades (4x AE2012 and 4x old AE)

Unfortunately something has just come up and I will not be able to attend. I am very sorry.

I didnt get a prereg # too!!