[June 22nd] Pre-EVO Warm Up! Austin, TX Bar Fights Gaming Tournament Event!

Pre-EVO Warm Up! Austin, TX Bar Fights Gaming Tournament Event!

Due to popular demand, another tournament is going to be hosted at the Big Daddy’s venue once again (thanks to Play N Trade). Everyone is invited to this event, but we’ll dedicating this tournament to those who will be traveling to Evo in Las Vegas to insure that those participating are prepare to take on the rest of the world!

This time around, we’re going to need all the assistances we can get. Please bring equipment (lagless TVs, and consoles), show up early and on time to make sure this event is ran right.

Schedule and Games Hosted:
– [Registration] – 12:30 pm
– Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition – 1:00 pm
– Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – 1:45 pm
– Injustice – 3:15 pm
– King of Fighters 13 – 4:30 pm
– Street Fighter x Tekken – 4:45 pm

  • NOTE: For those bringing equipment, please show up as early as possible (way before Registration), so we can get everything running and setup.

Entry Fee:
– $5 for the venue
– $10 for – Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Injustice.
– $5 for – King of Fighters 13, and Street Fighter x Tekken.

Prize pot split for $10 games will be 60/30/10, where $5 games will be 70/20/10.

Big Daddy’s Burger and Bar at
9070 Research Blvd #101, Austin, TX
(Crossroads Shopping Center. In the same shopping center as Play N Trade)

No game breaking glitches that prevents the match from continuing.
Brackets are set 2 out of 3, double elimination (except Marvel 3, as that will be set 3 out of 5).
Grand Finals will be 3 out of 5.
Don’t act stupid at the venue.

Injustice Rules:
This game will have an interesting rule set.
What we’ll do for this game is that each player will have the option to select a specific stage that is banned. Once banned, neither player can select that stage for that set. For match 1, either player can select a stage and the ‘random vote’ in game will determine who’s stage will be selected. After that, loser may select stage, but still unable to selected the banned stages.

Our last Bar Fights was a success, but let’s make it bigger and better than before! We’ll be prepared for the heat this time around.
Images of the last Bar Fights: http://natxplayntrade.com/tournament-photos-and-videos.html

Good luck and have fun, everyone! If anything, you can enjoy the great burgers and drinks the venue has to offer. Until then, hope to see you at the event :slight_smile:

Will be there~