[June 22-23, 2013] GGPO SSF2T/SSF2X USA vs JPN Invitational Tournament

GGPO SSF2T/SSF2X USA vs JPN Invitational Tournament


We would like to announce: The USA vs Japan GGPO Invitational Tournament hosted on GGPO that will take place on 22nd / 23rd June, 2013. Organized by delatroy, osaka-pizza, and FWN and presented by ST Revival and Arkadeum, top players from each country have been invited to battle it out in a solo, character-locked, first-to-three, double elimination contest where a ”best-of-the-best” champion will be crowned.

To ensure connection quality between the two countries, USA invites were restricted to players residing on the West Coast given its relative close geographic proximity to Japan. Players from Australia, South Korea, Taiwan and the rest of the USA were considered but were ruled out on inadequate latency grounds to ensure a quality experience for the majority of the participants.

Time & Date:

June 22nd Saturday at 20:00 California time

June 23rd Sunday, 12:00 (noon) Tokyo time

Livesteam & Coverage at Twitch.tv

We are very proud to have Sergjiev via Arkadeum and hazi via hazi_ch on-board to provide live streams on the day in both English and Japanese for each of their respective audidences! More information about our media production will be announced at a later stage.

Tournament Type & Rules

3 / 5 (FT3)
Double elimination
Character lock.
Akuma is banned.
No macros/turbo/autofire.
If two players cannot connect, they may try to connect via Supercade. If they still cannot connect, a coinflip will determine the winner.

Confirmed Participants

Participants will be revealed as we near closer to the tournament date.

dibs on mysterious fighter!


I think this is awesome. BUT, I think you should change the name of this tournament to West Coast US vs Japan to be more accurate. Don’t mind me, I’m just salty beacuse I and many EC players can’t participate. :frowning:

I’d love to see the EC play as well but lag always destroys everything online. :frowning:

My ultimate GGPO tournament would be a worldwide King of GGPO! With minimal lag… :wink:

I know what you mean Kuroppi. It’s just the competitor in me that is not happy about this. I appreciate everything you guys do and you have my support 100%.

Also, this is really delatroy’s FWN’s and osaka-pizza’s tournament, so they deserve all the credit for setting this up. And Sergjiev for graciously streaming it. I’m just helping promote it. :slight_smile:

I think EC should take on the UK guys. Their ping should be comparable to WC vs JPN.

I like this idea. :slight_smile:

hazi wins it

Nope. It is very very likely that

Your diligence is matched only by your modesty!

On paper I tend to agree though if he gets a bad match-up he could be undone. He was out of the top 3 in Hazi Cup 1 & 2 so it’s definitely all to play for.

i try to stay awake to watch this

kinda sucks i really wanted to join this =/

lock also chars only in jap and usa (honda ryu) vs (ken guile) :smiley:

Ryu beats both ken n guile

Sounds hype.

One of the Japanese players I played on Saturday said that I should join this US VS Japan match. I had no idea what he was talking about until I saw this thread…

Thanks to all involved with setting this up, I’m really looking forward to it!