Jun the Swan guide

I’ll start off with the basics. Hopefully someone that actually owns the game will be able to contribute combos and help me fill up the descriptions. I only got a chance to play Jun for a bit and didn’t have time to experiment.

Info here comes from the Japanese wiki for Jun: http://www26.atwiki.jp/tatsucap/pages/38.html

I’m using :p: to designate any button among the weak, medium, strong attacks.

:snka: -
:snkb: -
:snkc: -
:d::snka: -
:d::snkb: -
:d::snkc: - a two-hit kick that hits low
in the air + :snka: -
in the air + :snkb: -
in the air + :snkc: -

:r: + :snkc: - two-hit attack that hits high -> mid

Bind Bomb ~ Bingo! - :qcf: + :p: to place bomb, then :qcb: + :p: to set off bomb. Can set 5 bombs at most.
Dancing Swan - :bdp: + :p:
Swan Rush - (while airborne) :bdp: + :p:
Inazuma Kick - :dp: + :p:

Hyper Combo
Scratch Burst - :qcf: + :2p: The hyper combo version of Bind Bomb ~ Bingo!
Mirage Swan - :bdp: + :2p: The hyper combo version of Dancing Swan

LV3 Hyper Combo
Kagaku ninpou hi no tori (Science Ninja arts Firebird) - :qcb: + :2p:

:snka: > :snkb: > :d::snkb: > :snkc: > :df::snkc: > HJ (homing jump?) [ :snka: > :snka: > :snkb: > :snkb: > J > :snkb: > :snkb: > :qcf:+:snka: > :qcf:+:2p: ]
note: the aerial AABB need to be input quickly. If you have the meter the LV3 Firebird super is also a good ender
[ed: the wiki doesn’t say if the weak Bind Bomb (:qcf:+:snka:) is detonated right away or not.]

:snka: > :d::snkb: > :snkc: > :d::snkc: > :r::snkc: > :df::snkc: > :snka: > :snka: > :snkb: > :snkb: > jc > :snkb: > :snkb: > :qcf:+:snka: > :qcf:+:2p:
:snka: > :d::snkb: > :snkc: > :d::snkc: > :r::snkc: > :snkd: > dash > :d::snka: > :d::snkb: > any super
:snka: > :d::snkb: > :snkc: > :d::snkc: > :r::snkc: > :snkd: > dash > :d::snka: > :d::snkb: > :df::snkc: > :snka: > :snka: > :snkb: > :snkb: > jc > :snkb: > :snkb: > :qcf:+:snka: > :qcf:+:2p:

:d::snka: > :d::snka: > :d::snkb: > :snkc: > :d::snkc: (1-hit) > :r::snkc: > :dp:+:snkb: > (airborne) :snkb: > land > jump + :snkb: > :snkb: > dj > :snkb: > :snkb: > :qcf:+:2p:

Corner combo (character specific?)
:d::snka: > :snkb: > :d::snkb: > :snkc: > :d::snkc: (1-hit) > :r::snkc: (1 hit) > :qcf:+:p: > :qcb:+:p: > SJ > :snka: > :snka: > :snkb: > :snkb: > :bdp: + :2p: > :qcf: + :2p:


Whats going on during the first 6+c? I cant keep my opponent grounded.

Oh, gatchaman. Gatchaman.

I use Yo-Yo to force them close. I really feel that you don’t want to run away from a Jun who’s using them alot.

Sweet, a Jun thread. Subscribed!

That’s interesting, indeed. Whenever I would hit after the :r:+:snkc: the opponent would become airborne. I wish I could fool around with it a little more but I don’t have a Wii. Maybe someone who has the game can give a little more clarification on this.

I figured it out. You have to cancel the first hit of :r: + :snkc: into bind bomb. :tup:

Haha, looking at the video now, I can see that he canceled the first hit into the bind bomb. I don’t know how I missed that. :rofl:

Probably missed it the same way i did. Its easy to miss with Morrigan in the way but after looping thru the vid a few times you can notice the bomb.

I was successful with the combo but i still miss the Morrigan super… timing must be off. :sad:

Started messing around with her a bit. The combo is the OP is really good. Easy to do and solid damage.

She’s fun, I may start playing her.

figured out some combos for jun. is there anyway to extend these?

can’t be done in the corner.
A, B, 2B, C, 2C, 6C, Launcher, A, A, B, B, jc, B, B, qcf A, qcf AB
A, B, 2B, C, 2C, 6C, Assist, dash, 2A, 2B, C, any super
A, B, 2B, C, 2C, 6C, Assist, dash, 2A, 2B, Launcher, A, A, B, B, jc, B, B, qcf A, qcf AB

edit- oh snap i didn’t see that video…shit that combo was insane. need to learn that asap!

Is Mirage Swan safe to cancel in most of her specials?


I saw this video a couple days ago, just forgot to post it.

You can cancel into it from qcf A for sure.

grabbed this off a Japanese message board

:d::snka: > :d::snka: > :d::snkb: > :snkc: > :d::snkc: (1-hit) > :r::snkc: > :dp:+:snkb: > (airborne) :snkb: > land > jump + :snkb: > :snkb: > dj > :snkb: > :snkb: > :qcf:+:2p:

There is also a corner combo, but I can’t tell if they’re saying it’s character specific or not… so this may not work on all characters:
:d::snka: > :snkb: > :d::snkb: > :snkc: > :d::snkc: (1-hit) > :r::snkc: (1 hit) > :qcf:+:p: > :qcb:+:p: > SJ > :snka: > :snka: > :snkb: > :snkb: > :bdp: + :2p: > :qcf: + :2p:

By the way, would people prefer if I compile all the posted combos into the first post?

That might be a good idea. It’d make it easier to find everything.

Just noticed there’s no Baroque combos listed yet. I’m thinking you can do whatever into :d::snkc:(1st hit) or :snkc: > Baroque > :snkb: > :d::snkb: > :snkc: > :df::snkc: > air combo.

Okay, I’ve been fiddling with Jun for a bit. And it feels a bit weird picking her up. But I’ve been wondering about two of her normals xD

What do I do wither her 2C and her 6C command normals? I also noticed she can AirDash, double jump, attack, etc out of her 412A/B/C kick move. Is there anything practical to follow into?

Infact, a better question is, can I combo INTO her 412A/B/C?

Also, I learned that Jun can combo her 236A into Mirage Swan. Which is nice, because after that, you can detonate the bomb immediately after that.

Also, you might want to add that you can combo the detonation from her 236A/B/C

Speaking of which, I also learned something else. If you successfully detonate the bomb in the corner, you can super jump and catch the opponent for an Aerial Rave before they recover.

One other thing in the corner, if you perform an aerial rave in the corner, and end with a detonation, you can combo it into any of her Aerial supers.

I wish her TigerKneed j.236A were overhead, cuz it can be combod into any j.Aerial on the way down.

Another silly thing, and I doubt this won’t ever be useful. But you can Baroque her detonation animation. Why would you do that, I have no idea.

j.A crosses up. j.C also crosses up, but it has to be deep and from an awkward angle.

With Yatterman.

:snka: :snkb: :df: :snkb: :df: :snkc: SJ :snka: :snkb: :qcf: :2p: as the 5th bomb attaches :qcf: :2p:

Yatterwan Dash connects as your opponent hits the ground. Now he has 5 bombs attached. The next time you switch to Jun, immediately :qcb: :p:

The bombs detonate while they’re on the ground.

I have a question. During Jun’s super move, :qcf:+:2p:, can you Baroque just before the very end when the enemy is flipping around (happens before the explosions).

I was messing around with jun a little today, and I noticed that she can keep her rope out somehow. I think I did here A DP and something else and the rope stayed out on screen untill i did another DP with B or C. I dont know whats up with that, has anybody else come across this? If so how did you do it? I’m not to sure on how I did it myself since i just started messing with her today.

Really? :bottle:
I’ll do some tinkering around, sounds pretty interesting IMO :looney:

you can’t baroque during supers

… this game would be pretty nuts otherwise

For some reason the 2nd hit of :r::snkc: is wildly inconsistant in combos. Anyone having the same problems? 1st hit combos just fine, 2nd hit varies in that sometimes they’re able to block.