[Jun 8, 2012] ReveLAtions 2012 (Los Angeles, CA)

More info coming soon on this years Revelations! www.tournamentlegacy.com/revelations

GAH! June 8-10 gonna be hella busy, West Coast side especially. ReveLAtions in LA, MLG in Anaheim AND ECT4 in Jersey.

I wish I could make it, but I will be at MLG Anaheim supporting that event/fighting game events there. :frowning:

needs more info

Revelations tournament is going to conflict with a FGC event for the second time in a row?

I think they’re intention every year(if they keep doing one) is to set the date on the weekend after E3. That’s what they did last year and argued that case when the drama with it landing the same week as CEO started. And they’re doing it again this year, it’s the weekend right after E3 again. Well not only is ECT on the same weekend, so is MLG. Except that Revelations will be practically right next door to MLG’s event in Anaheim lol.

interesting to see which event ppl will go to. one things for sure, KOF/MK players will be at MLG.

this really needs more info

is this gonna have streetfighter x tekken?

is this open?

Is this still happening?

This was listed as cancelled some time back. Not really surprised that they never updated the information on here seeing as there was no info or anything for that matter to begin with.

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Last year was a pretty good turn out but this year was gonna be wack considering who was holding the tournament and streaming it lol! So much hype for nothing!

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