[Jun 27, 2012] [Apr 13] Upstate South Carolina Local Tournament! (Piedmont, SC)

I am happy to announce the first Friday Night Beatdown!

The Tournament will be held at CornerMagic Gaming Center and will start at 7pm.

Place: CornerMagic Gaming Center located at:

**2615 B-1 Hwy 153 **
Piedmont, SC 29673
Phone the store 864-248-4838

From Greenville/Charlotte : I-85 south to Exit 40 turn left on Highway 153 towards I-185. We are 0.3 miles on the right in the Saluda Park Center unit B-1.

From Anderson/Atlanta : I-85 north to Exit 40 turn right on Highway 153 towards I-185. We are 0.3 miles on the right in the Saluda Park Center unit B-1.

5 dollars per game.
2 dollars of the 5 will go towards the venue fee. (However if everyone would like to keep it at 5 and pay the extra 2 dollars as well let me know but for right now I’m keeping the price as low as I can.)

Prize money for each game will be split:
1st: 60%
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

Games to be played on XBOX 360:
Street Fighter x Tekken
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition:2012
King of Fighters 13

The rules are of course the same as any regular tournament:
Best 2 out of 3
Finals Best 3 out of 5
Winner has to keep character/team however he/she can change assists and ultras.
Loser is allowed to change character/team
Bring your own Controller
Infinite and gems will be banned for Street Fighter x Tekken.
Also if DLC characters are released before the tournament for SFxT, I will have them all ready to use but take a vote on if people will allow them or not.

Important information concerning this event:

Chad Scott here, I really want to make this become a local tournament and I need to show the owner of the store that the fighting game community is here and is something he should take interest in. I realize that the prize pool isn’t huge however this is the first steps to help lead the upstate into the right direction. We need to improve out skills, grow and get to know one another. I am only getting one chance to try to pull this tournament off at this venue which I think is at the perfect location for everyone in the upstate. Please spread the word and try to come out to support the upstate. Also if your game isn’t played let me know once this thing is going good I’ll be more than happy to add any game that is wanted. So please guys I need all of you upstate guys to come out to support this event. We showed that we can do it from past Friday Night Fights put on by Kenpachi. I am working with him so that with his and my tournament we can have one every 2 weeks. So please guys show your support and love and come out if at all possible.

Another important note:

We need setups!!! I have 4 confirmed and I will double check with those people but if you can bring a setup please let me know if anything just a xbox as well. Anything helps because this will be the first step of many in having the upstate become a real fighting game scene.

Will this thread be used for pre-registration? Also in the rules it says “Bring your own controller”. I do not have a 360 controller so is it okay if I borrow from someone while at the tournament?

Yo man don’t worry about not having a 360 controller I got you! And judging from the past no one hardly ever pre registers for our tournaments lol so I just didn’t bother.

Okay, thanks Chad. Hopefully I’ll see you then.

I would love to come to this, but it’s pretty close to exams. We’ll see!

Lol, for a second I thought someone hacked my account for some dumb reason. Guess I’ll photoshop a mustache on my av. or something when I get a chance.

yo. Im from the Upstate/ Spartanburg area. Anybody play HDRemix on PS3???

How far is this from Columbia/Summerville (I’m at either/or a lot of the time)

I’d like to come-- I’m from Atlanta. I wouldn’t mind paying the 5$ + 2$ (just to make the pot bigger). Any idea on the UMVC numbers? It’s a bit of a drive, so I’d just want to make sure there’d be enough people to play/hang with! :slight_smile: