[Jun 18, 2011] Marvel Kombat, Christchurch New Zealand, SSF4AE, MK9,... (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Bought to you by standingfierce.com and Gamestation
The South Island’s Annual Fighting Game Event!


18th of June at Gamestation, Christchurch New Zealand

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Mortal Kombat 9 (New Zealand’s first MK9 Tournament!)


CASH! (All the entry fees go into the pot so the more entries the more money paid out)
Street Fighter T-Shirt donated by Costa Rica’s top SSF4 player pbrkyo Costa Rica signed by top US players: BLG Fillipino Champ and EG Ricky Ortiz!
Can of Pringles signed by Seth Killian of Capcom USA, special Combat advisor for SF4, SSF4 and MvC3
Huge One of a kind custom Marvel vs Capcom 3 window display. (From Gamestation)

“Street Fighter Round One: Fight” motion comic DVD
Chris Redfield (From MvC3) and Sheva Resident Evil 4 Figures
Street Fighter 4 C. Viper Figure
Rare Cammy Capcom Companion Character Figure
Very rare Capcom minimates figures Chun Li and M Bison

Nubytech Holographic Street Fighter Ken Fightpad Signed by Haunts from iplaywinner.com
MvC3 Stickers
Ultra rare SF Alpha 3 stickers from the 90’s from Capcom USA HQ
Red Faction T-Shirts

Mortal Kombat prizes from WB Games still to be announced!

Stick around: MASHMASTER MATCH!!!
If you get knocked out straight away, don’t get salty :slight_smile: you could still win some cool stuff. There will be spot prizes as people get knocked out of the tournament and bottom 2 of the tournament get to battle it out for mashmaster in each tournament! Sometimes an awesome prize sometimes something silly, but always fun!

At the last years South Island Regionals tournament, pretty much every player that stuck around to the end won something.

Rules, times and more prizes to be announced.