[Jun 16, 2012] WHB presents "BLOODY" - KOF XIII - SFIV - SFxT @ GMU (Fairfax, Virginia)

Hello gents & ladies!! This is for all the players who have been asking for SFIV. I reached out to the and convinced the WHB team to run SFIV and they agreed to host SFIV this time.



[LEFT]When and Schedule:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]June 16th 2012[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Doors open Noon[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Schedule TBA[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Doors close 10PM[/LEFT]
[LEFT]George Mason University[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Johnson Center Building, Room A (third floor)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4400 University Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22030[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Parking and Metro:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Please park at Lot A if possible but there are other free parking lots at K,L,J, and C.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Get to VIENNA METRO STATION via orange line and go to the NORTH exit and a mason shuttle should arrive near the parking deck every 30 minutes. “METRO TO MASON”[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1v1 Double Elimination 70/20/10 (or 80/20/00 depending on turnout) ; FT2 (Best 2 of 3 Matches)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Entry fee = $10 per person per tournament[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Venue fee = $10 per person[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Mason Student = $5 discount (must have a valid student ID)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Bring Setup (PS3+SF4/KOF/SFxT unlocked content) = $5 discount[/LEFT]
[LEFT]*max discount possible is $5[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-We have over 10 EVO monitors![/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Head2Head setup + projector[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-We will order pizza and drinks[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-We invite all out-of-staters to come for the tournament[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-If any other state wants to join in on the exhibition please come out and we’ll arrange one[/LEFT]
[LEFT]For more questions please contact[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Visit WHB at www.wehitbuttons.com[/LEFT]

i got some free swag from ATLUS to give out…

without further adieu: http://imgur.com/PB7Ks

I’ll be there.

post up if you are coming to let others know that there WILL be players at this event and it’s not a dead tourney…

great, will probably be there. I’ll bring a system whether it gets me discount or not, unless you really don’t need.

I’m planning on coming. I’d hate to missed all the pre-evo tourneys.

yes, plz bring systems. have all the content readily available (ae2012 update patch, sfxt updated patches, kof dlc characters + billy/saiki)

i’m working on getting casual stations for UMVC3 and VF5:FS

Schedule of Events:
12pm Doors open, Registration begins, Warm-ups/Casuals begin
2pm SFxT begins
3pm AE2012 begins
4pm KOF XIII begins

let me know if there are any questions. please show up at 12pm NOON so you can get in your casual matches. be prompt and on time. you don’t want to miss out on your bracket.

I live in the Frederick County area of MD so how long would it take me to get there?

you should def share events on THIS facebook page. I’ll network it a bit myself as well.


we play at Game Underground in Framingham, Ultimate Gaming Spot in Deadham, Brainbox in Cambridge and Straight Shooters Billiards in Fall River, all in mass. Replay’d in Allston is also doing some sponsoring and promoting in our area. if you’d like to get into the east coast loop posting at those 4 places, ESPECIALLY at Game Underground, would be a good place to start.

about 40 minutes i think?


gunsmith from orochinagi.com was kind enough to plug this event on his front page.

Man I’d definitely come for AE2012 but I’m in New River Valley area for summer school. I’m coming home(Haymarket,VA) day of tourney don’t think i’d make it, damn right when there is a tourney near my home.

Hey I just want to say I was coming to this, got off at Vienna metro station only to find out that the Mason to Metro shuttle does not run on weekends in the Summer. I was really looking forward to this, since I just moved here from Minnesota for the summer, but I gotta head home, won’t make it there by 3pm. Next time for sure.

Please next time you suggest a transportation route, check whether it’s in service or not. Hell, I should have been smarter and checked myself.

Hey - I wasn’t able to attend because of my learning about the event later than I could schedule it, but it’d be awesome if you all ended up having regular events at GMU - it doesn’t seem like there’s a ton of play in the area (I think the closest venues are usually in MD or much further west and all mid-week, which is horrible if you’re close to the beltway.)

Hope the event went well! Good luck on another one =D