[July 13, 2013] ROCKET PUNCH 4 at Arcade Legacy *Cincinnati, OH* HD EVO stream + tournaments

Instead of sitting at home watching the EVO stream on your computer, I offer this, our fourth annual tournament and EVO stream viewing event (on a 135" HD screen no less!). EVO live stream is always very hype and a nice way to relax between matches. Your admission to any tournament at Arcade Legacy includes FREE PLAY on all of the 60+ arcade games and pinballs in the building! For this tournament, I am offering you all the option to come Friday, Saturday and Sunday all for just the normal one day admission price! Main tournaments will only be run on Saturday, but it will cost you no extra to come play all weekend long. $10 covers your entry for all three days. If enough people show up on either Friday or Sunday, we could definitely run some more smaller tournaments.

RESULTS - link posted after the event

STREAM - www.twitch.tv/arcadelegacy

When: July 13th, 2013
Doors open at 11am. The arcade closes when we are done, which should be by 1am

Arcade Legacy
662 Cincinnati Mills Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45240

www.arcadelegacyohio.com for directions and any other info you need

Tournament pot split is 70/20/10 except for the CPS-2 Gauntlet. Pot bonuses for any game that gets more than 40 entrants! Double elimination. Of course this is a BYOC event, but I do have nice sticks and controllers for all systems that are available for anyone to use.


Guilty Gear XXAC (+R if it is released) (PS3/XBOX360) – $5 entry (1pm) run by

Mr. Splash (NES) - $1 enter (1pm) run by AL WINNER TAKES ALL

Street Fighter Alpha Gauntlet (Alpha 1,2,3) (Arcade) – $2 entry (2pm) run by AL WINNER TAKES ALL

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3) - $5 entry (2pm) run by

Mystery Game (various platforms) – $3 entry (4pm) run by AL WINNER TAKES ALL

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3) - $5 entry (5pm) run by

Super Street Fighter IV AE2012 (or 13 - whatever is current) (PS3) – $5 entry (5pm) run by

Breaker’s Revenge (arcade Supergun) – FREE entry (6pm) run by ailerus

Injustice (PS3/360) – $5 entry (7pm) run by

SPECIAL EVENT - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - AL vs ?? (8pm) - details TBA

RULES: UMVC3 and INJUSTICE will be best 3/5 the entire tournament. The rest will be 2/3 until grand finals which will be 3/5.

STREET FIGHTER ALPHA GAUNTLET - This will be a best 2/3 total games. Best 3/5 matches for each game. The order of the games will be chosen each round by a random drawing.

VAMPIRE SAVIOR 2v2 - Partners will be randomly chosen by drawing before the tournament. This tournament is Waseda style. You will decide beforehand who will be Player A and who will be player B. Player A from one team plays player A from another team, the respective player B’s then play. If both players from the same team win, the match is over. If each team has 1 win, the winners will play to determine the winner of the match.

MYSTERY GAME - This will be a mystery tournament. Any game from any genre could be included. Each round will have a different game. It will span all systems as far back as NES up to current gen.

All other games are using standard rule set. No bans.

I am looking for volunteers to run games. You will get 1/2 off venue if you run one game. Free venue if you run two games.

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I invite you to come and check it out. Offer suggestions and edits if you can


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