Julia Flow Charting

What I got so far:

[INDENT=1]On hit::dp:+:k:>Tag Cancel >ect.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]If blocked::hcf:+:lk:>( :p:[overhead]>:p: or :d:+:k:>:2p:)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]:hcf:+:lk:>:p:>:p: (blocked +2 frame advantage):[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]> cr.:lp:>cr.:mp:…[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3]On hit: xxCrossrush[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3]If blocked: Backdash[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]> cr.:lp: walk-up throw[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]> Jump in mix-ups (cross up, fake cross up, empty jump, empty jump into throw)[/INDENT]
Test it out with random block in training and let me know what you think. I’m currently working on another one starting with :f:+:mp:xx:lk:xx( :qcb:+:p:[charge]xxBackdash into jump ins) or ( :hcf:+:lk:> into one of her wind roll follow ups). The idea is that :f:+:mp:xx:lk: is unsafe so charge canceling then backdashing makes it safe, and wind roll can be interrupted, but if you get your opponent used to you just backing out everytime you :f:+:mp:xx:lk:, then they are less likely to mash, and you can sneak your wind roll set up in.

She can be interrupted during wind roll… And it’s perfectly reactable to. Nothing about this makes me want to throw out a dp. That’s the main problem. If you CADC back game becomes neutral because you can whiff punish a cr.light move.

i didnt realize how interruptible her wind roll was, but i guess you can still do it just to make that string safe to hit confirm with.

and i noticed it is easy to wiff the cr.:lp: after wind roll punches, so im trying just cr.:mp: instead. and it looks like you can hit confirm tiger strike off cr.:mp: if you charge and buffer backdash, letting go as you confirm. im still working on my execution coming from a tekken background but the math adds up with 20 frames hit stun off cr.:mp: and 13 frames start up on tiger strike. and i get 3 hit combo when i confirm it, showing that its not just the random block deciding not to block it. but, i dont know just trying to figure her out.

that wont work against people who press buttons. and anyone who has played against Julia before will be expecting the overhead and probably will reversal after 1st hit.

is this true?

Yea, it’s -16 on block (and -12 on hit) but it is special cancellable so you could CADC to safety.

That said, I don’t think Julia’s one of those characters you can really flow chart. You have to out poke and out think your opponent.

I tried online ranked yesterday and I wanna give a shoutout to Julias that always go for hcf+hp after a tiger strike because going for the hcf+lp and then going low works like 95% of the time.


ya the more i look into julia im seeing she doesn’t have much flow chart ability. more about pokes and mind games.

Yea, sorry buddy. But in a way, that’s probably better. The fact that there isn’t one straight best option means the opponent has to keep guessing what she’ll do next.

She’s like a tree, she has so many branching paths.

The way I see it her strong footsie game and great backdash give her a solid base from which to work. To start leading she has good crossups, good combo ability off of those cross ups, and lots of high-low mixups.

The key to Julia for me so far is not to be too seduced by those mix-ups and try to go too often for wind roll into overhead, or step into overhead. Play most of your game poking with crouching shorts and forwards, and then explode towards your opponent on knockdown with crossups, overheads, tick throws and general shenanigans. Also don’t be afraid to hard tag; she’s got one of the best backdashes. On knockdown you can easily backdash twice and hard tag and not really be threatened by anything save long range supers.

It’s almost possible to flow-chart Julia. But as someone already said… not very reliable.

One of my ground staples is f.MK, MP, MP, hcf+K - K, P.
You can actually hit confirm your first medium punch. If it’s blocked you can substitute the last MP in that string for a cr.K on high blocks or stop your combo entirely on low blocks and get a nifty little tic-throw for free.

In many cases, after f.mk, mp, p, you can cancel the last punch right when it hits into either her ultra or her team ultra.
For example… if you’re fortunate enough to hit the string after a successful f.MP, LP, you’re guaranteed a free f.mk, mp, p, xx qcb PPP, even at mid screen.
(EDIT: I forgot to mention that this combo does nearly a tag ultra’s worth of damage by herself and with one less meter burnt.)

The tag ultra from this combo is a little trickier mid-screen but very doable. Guaranteed in the corner.