[Jul 14, 2012] 3rd Ascension League: 3rd Strike Danisen Battle #1 (New York, New York)

Backstory: Just a heads up for you guys, I decided to try a 3s revival here on the EC called the 3rd Ascension League, obviously starting with NY, by holding regular Danisen Battles, tournaments, exhibitions, sessions and streaming them at the same time to grow interest, I already have a site setup and stream channel to use so if we can pull our weight together I’m sure we’ll eventually see a revival the same way ST was brought back, especially considering a chunk of 3s players from Japan were at Evo too

Here’s the site: http://3rdascension.webs.com/

You can register on the site and stay up to date on any upcoming events, danisen battles, or special streams, and by listing your characters, I’ll register you onto the Danisen list so you can simply come and play to rank up.

I’m trying to really bring everything back so we won’t be stuck in the shadows anymore, we can’t sit on our asses and expect 3s to be hype only by Japan itself, we all need to do something and this is where we can start. Hopefully you guys check out the stream this weekend, promote it, or whatever so we can start the season big before the Capcom 25th Anniversary Tournament.

Stream link: http://www.twitch.tv/3rdascensionleague

Venue: https://www.facebook.com/NebulousGamingNYC

Event: We start at 6pm and go through a winner stays on format (exactly like casuals) and the rules for the Danisen are explained below and on the 3rd Ascension League website

Newcomers start off at 1st Dan.

- Players generally fight against others of either the same rank or one rank above/below you in order to go up a rank.

- One match won = +1 point, one match lost = -1 point. +3 points moves you up one rank, -3 points moves you down one rank.

- The ranks are 1st to 10th Dan. Past 10th Dan are special ranks such as “Kyousha”(“strong man”).

- Players past 10th Dan can only fight against others of the same rank. +5 points moves you up one rank, -3 points moves you down one rank.

****- Ranked players can play in other arcades with their rankings as is. ****

****- Players can register with more than one character under their name. ****
(EX: Kuroda Q/ Kuroda Ken/ Kuroda Akuma)

Example: Players register a character e.g. Kuroda enters Ryu, into the league. Starting at the bottom or 1st Dan, players then compete in a winner stays on system earning points. A win earns +1 point and a loss -1 point, when a player reaches +3 points they’re promoted to the next rank and visa versa -3 points a demotion. There are 10 ‘Dans’ or ‘Ranks’, upon reaching 10th Dan there are more special Dans to reach such as ‘Strong’, ‘Man of Valor’, ‘King’ plus a couple more, to reach these you need to earn +5 points for promotion but -3 points still leads to a demotion.

Location: 6A Elizabeth Street new york ,ny 10013.

Venue: $5 (just tell them you’re there for the 3s event and they’ll let you in upstairs)

Game: Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition

NOTE: There is NO FEE to play in any Danisen battles
(only tournaments, which are announced separately, have a $5 entry fee)

Console: we’ll be playing on ps3s

Feel free to bring your own crt’s, consoles, or sticks (controllers), it’ll allow us to do things smoother and possibly run other events later on in the night

shout outs to you nica for putting this together. i feel like i should start holding down over here now for the west coast (bay area)

Whoever doesn’t come down to this is a scrub!

have fun yall

Just a heads up if you guys wish to get there early, you can cuz we can always start the Danisen with at least up to 5 ppl and if more ppl come we’ll move the Danisen from the stream to the side setup and have a special tournament on the stream (ex: all char tournament like all Dudley)

The earliest i’ll be there myself is probably around 3 or 4pm so feel free to come down early if you want rank up then bounce early

All the info is posted here in case, you guys want a clearer view of what’s going to happen