Juggle commands please for Akuma switch to Ryu?

Hello, novice player but keen to learn juggling. Any advice, commands to follow would be greatly appreciated.

Myself plays as Akuma and my friend Ryu

Many thanks


Your friend should be able to do combos after a tag canceled hp shoryuken. Either as an anti air or the basic cr. Mp xx lk tatsu , hp shoryuken.

He can also do combos, if he tag cancels the first hit of Akuma’s overhead. Far or close hk can be tag canceled for combos too.

In the corner he might be able to combo after hp red fireball.

Thankyou please can you explain (input commands) for tag cancelling and tag cancelled hp shoryuken?? xx means cancel??

Many thanks


Is the cr.mp xx into lk tatsu simply the command cr.mp, lk tatsu? or does xx mean another command? Many thanks

Tag cancel means that you instantly press medium punch+ medium kick when you connect normals or specials.
xx means cancel. Crouching medium kick into hadouken is such a cancel.

Thankyou much appreciated :slight_smile:

No problem. My tag on xbl is rcion. Add me if you need some demonstrations.

Thankyou for this