Juggernaut drawing request

I suck at drawing at the moment (working on it), so I am requesting that somebody draw juggernaut because he is my favorite character. Just post it in this thread. Thanks!!


meh I was bored. Im doin a draw over/ink in photoshop though since it came out halfway decent.

nice man. looks good. look forward to the ink version.

looking at this again I notice his pecs look a bit flat. might wanna give them a bit more mass. hope the inked version is comin along.

well, here is the basic rework of it. moved the left arm, more shadow under the ribcage, trying to fix the shoulders and make the pecs more bulbous.


aaaaaaaaaand my A.D.D. just kicked in so im probably not going to work on it anymore.

lol A.D.D :confused: well, hope ya finish it sometime.

Juggernaut head crush!

Here’s a quick Juggy collab between me and my friend.


^^ haha thats great. I love stylized versions of these characters

LOL thats awsome. Wayyyy better than mine imo.

lol at the second one. The first one is looking good :slight_smile: